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Poems about Leaving Someone You Love

Poems for Farewells and Goodbyes

I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

Is it really true that it is "better to have loved and lost then never to have loved"? You will get different answers to that question depending on whom you ask. But one thing is certain, at the moment you are saying goodbye, when the pain is so bad, many will say, "NO! I wish I never met them! This pain is too much to bare." If you are in this situation, take heart and know, that one day in the future, you to may say, "It is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved."

41 Goodbye Poems - Poems To Say Goodbye To Him or Her

By Joshua Wayne Farmer

I am nineteen years old and I live in Wichita, Kansas. I have a broken mentality in which I use in my writing. Each poem takes approximately a half hour to an hour. I seek my weaknesses, develop my weaknesses into strengths, and then develop my strengths into hobbies; showing the world that anyone is capable of achieving anything they set their minds on. "The Impossible is ignorance. If you do not know, do not say it cannot be done." - JimmyJosh Farmer

Holding my hand, lying in my lap,
Calling me closer, tightening her grasp.
Her face in the sand, water cold and black,
Reveling her last words, and never coming back.
Enraged, I cry. Heartbroken and sad.
I want her in my arms. I want her real bad.
As my tears escape, holding her embraced;
It will never be the same. Only in memory she will remain.
Visions of her play, as the sky becomes grey.
In life, I am a slave. I love, and death takes away.
I cry out her name, as the clouds begin to rain.
Keeping her close, and suffering intense mental strain.
A burial is absurd. No option to burn.
Her soul may be gone, but I will not leave her.
Her voice fills my mind, repeating the pain.
Without her by my side, how could I be sane?
Her colors begin to fade, as the night ends the day.
The wind begins to breeze from the darkened sea.
I take her to the water, missing her every step.
I sink down right beside her, lying until death.
I did not want to leave her. She was my only love.
I could not live without her, departing up above.
Although she cannot see me now, I watch her in the light.
I lost my life beside my wife, the night she said goodbye.

By Charlene Valladares

Another one of my poems that I discovered, I also wrote this one in 1997

It was not meant to end this way was I too blind to see,
that you were walking out loves door taking everything but me.

It's strange how life can still go on and nobody can really tell,
that though I may look the same I am just an empty shell.

Void of all life's feeling I sit here in gloom
hoping against reality that you will walk back into this room.

To tell me that it was a mistake you did not mean to leave,
so my world can continue turning and I can start to breath.

By Nathan Dunkle

This is a poem about my wife leaving me and how I feel about it.

I wake up each morning, Its like I'm in Hell.
My mind races fast, who can I tell?

I feel the pain, it will not subside,
see deep down inside, it feels like I've died.

A piece of me is missing, all I can see,
is darkness and black, surrounding me.

I have not forgotten, all of the pain,
sometimes it feels like I'm going insane.

I hold on to this love, so very tight
I can't give up, can't let it out of my sight.

I try to move on, I really do
but I just can't, cause I still love you.

Please love, open your eyes and see,
No one can love you as much as me.

I gave you my heart, my whole life,
you took them both and became my wife.

We promised to love, to have, to hold
together forever, even after we're old.

but you walked out, left me for dead,
now all I have left, is a cold empty bed.

I lay down each night, praying I might,
wake up to my love, holding me tight.

My broken heart speaks, its hurts so bad,
my life goes on, I live but I am so sad.

To My Wife, My Soulmate, My best friend...

By Amanda Trevino

I wrote this poems because most people want to remember all the good things in their relationship and forget all the bad things. So I decided to write about forgetting all the goods things and remembering all the bad things

Forget the one that you once knew,
Remember that he left you.
Forget the way he played your song,
Remember that you cry all night long.
Forget the way you memorized his walk,
Remember that he is not there to talk.
Forget the things he use to say,
Remember he has gone away.
Forget the way he held your hand,
Remember you could barely stand.
Forget the way he took away your fears,
Remember nothing could stop your tears.
Forget how you wanted him forever,
Remember he said he loved you never.
Forget the way he held you tight,
Remember you are all alone tonight.
Forget the time that went so fast,
Remember the love has left its past.
Forget he said heíd leave you never,
Remember he is gone forever.

By Efi Gialia

In this poem there are everything I wanted to say to him..but I never did..because I was the one who felt something big..but he felt nothing...

Don't talk anymore my love.
Just look at me
and you will understand how I feel..
Look deep in my eyes
and you'll see your name,
my soul's broken mirror.
I love you more than you believe,
like you are my life,
my other half,
my subconscious guardian angel.
Look around you.
Has anyone loved you more than I do?
Never cry my love.
cause you'll make me bleed.
Always be happy
for your smile is a source of life for me.
I breathe when you breathe.

But forgive me
for what I say.
I know you feel nothing.
For you I'm just a game
that you played with once
and know you hate
even to look at.
I'm sorry for my feelings.
I know they drown you,
they don't set you free.

Come and tell you hate me.
That there's no other chance,
no fake hope!
Don't show me but tell me.
And then I will leave you.
I swear I will
You, my endless pain.
It's not your fault.
I can't blame you.
It's me who loves you.
Tell me the truth,
and you'll never see your name written in my eyes.
Cause I'll keep our past and my love
in the bottom of my heart
and I'll be gone …;

By Myrtle Glo Oliquino

Just a poem I was able to come up with when I know I was supposed to let go of my boyfriend even though I still love him so much...

Let me look at you in the eyes just for this day
Let me hear every thought you have for today
And as I slowly sink in to your mind,
May I, the deepest emotions in you, find.

Let me watch every little thing that you do today
The smile, the wrinkle in those eyes while you look my way
Let me feel the joy of being with you once again
And cherish each precious moment while we still can.

Let me hug you tightly one last time just for this day
And feel my heart beat for you as we gently sway
With the soft music that only our hearts can hear,
Hold me tight so I could somehow forget all my fears.

Let me touch your face softly with my hands this way
As I softly whisper in your ears how you make my day
Watch me close my eyes as teardrops start to fall,
And know that through these years, you are still my all.

Let me feel your hands along with mine lastly for today
Let no one else distract us nor ever get in our way
As I tell you gently how much you've always meant to me
And break down as I whisper that we could never be.

By Krista Hood

Why do we Love when it hurts?

LoveÖ it comes with the highest costÖpain.
To love means to hurt, to feel sorrow and the constant struggle
It attacks from every angle, feigning for tears and heartache.
Fools fall in love, for they willingly submit themselves to despair,

Why do we love?
Why do we choose to believe in something that mocks every emotion?
Is it fear itself, or human nature, survival instinct?
Will science discover the reasoning for such insanity?
Of all the worldsí mysteries, love remains unsolved.

I am in love,
I am in pain,
I have drained all hope
Diminished all optimism for love,
to drown in my own tears, alone

Why do we love, more importantlyÖwhy do I?
Am I scared to be alone, or am I trapped in sick game destined for failure?
Do I enjoy pain, the taste of the salt on my tears.
Or simply is it the desire to feel something magical.

I am lost, I am alone
I feel as if every gesture is unwanted, unnoticed
My sadness consumes me, yetÖ
I persist, I keep trying,
To control the very demon that steals life from my beating heart,
Love, is the devilsí game, and I am but a slave to its trickery.

By Norm Steveson

I wrote this poem to my ex. after being together for 16 years. I speak from my heart. And all the pain that I held inside. It has been a very dark two years. there are many more that I wrote, but I feel this one really speaks from my heart

As I lay here in the dark,
you are there in my heart.

For there I see you in the light,
And for awhile all is right.

For I see the love we once had,
All Is gone and now I am sad.

I see no room in your heart,
as I lay here in the dark.

I look to the stars above,
and all I see is the love.

I lay here all alone,
as I write this little poem.

I look back on all the years,
and recall all the tears.

I know just right where I stand,
Right there in your hand.

As the night slowly goes by,
all I can do is silently cry.

I see the light of the day,
and life goes on as it may.

I hold the pain all inside,
Wishing I had only died.

As I go though this dreary day,
I can only think of what I forgot to say.

For my wish and is true,
is love only for you.

The candle was lit,
only for a bit.

For now is the time I must tell you,
I am sorry but you have to go.

Search your heart and you will see,
that you must let go of me.

As I lay in the dark,
you still do your sweet part.

It is not all what it seems,
because you are always in my dreams.

So fly away and spread your wings,
after all I am just a little thing.

By Forsythia

I know this poem isn't very good. I hope no one's angry with me for even submitting it... but... I just wanted to try. This Is a poem about how for some people... Like me... Trust is only a mistake yet to be made. When we finally spend years, trying to learn to trust someone or something... they let us down... and leave. Then we just go around trying to find someone else worthy of trust... Because we can't do this alone.

I Trusted you with my heart.
I gave it to you in a box
With a bow.
You took it.
And used it.
Then... You gave it back to me,
Beaten and bruised,
Worn and broken.
You stole from me
Everything I needed.
You were a light to me,
but you faded away,
And left it so dark
I thought I was-
It's raining now.
Is that just my tears?
I sit here in the darkness
With my bruised heart,
Wet and blind.
Waiting for another light.
Hoping it will heal my broken heart.
Hoping it will let me see.

By Lucey

I really loved this girl she broke my heart, she drank one night and kept telling me she loved me. I have had enough of it now. I can't just sit here and wait for her I need to move on. I am so sorry.

I know you'll never love me,
and that why I cried
I'll never feel your hand in mine,
or even hear your softly sigh.
I know you'll never miss me,
or even notice I'm gone.
to me you're somebody,
but to you I am nobody.
I know you'll never cry for me,
like the way I cried for you .
I know you'll never want me,
so what can I do ?
I know you'll never think of me,
I'll never cross your mind.
you never had a thought of me,
I'd always take the time.
I know you'll never look for me,
like that way I looked for you.
each face you see is different ,
each girl I seen was you .
I know you'll never lose your heart,
like the way I lost mine.
they say times the greats healer,
but I have no time.
I know you'll never love me,
and that's why I cried.
although my body is living,
my heart is bound to die .
I know you'll never love me,
like I loved you

By Brittany Scala

I wrote this poem after my first break up. This was the first teen romance I had ever had. I hold this poem very close to my heart. Writing how I felt helped me cope and helps me get through all the hard times in my life.

Remember to breathe
Close your eyes
Count to ten
Please don't cry
Stop the shaking
Stop the sobbing
My thoughts slip and I think of you
I feel I might die
Calm yourself down
I exhale and fall to the ground
I let my knees buckle
I let my head spin
I let all of the pain and sorrow in
I forget to breathe
I start to cry
Then I shake
Then I sob
I can't calm down
My heart begins to throb
Please stay with me
My heart is yours
I feel the rain, it starts to poor
I cant get up, I cant go on
I'm so deep in love
My strength is gone
My words are whispers
And I am sore
I don't want my love to bother you anymore
So I take a deep breath
And count to ten
As I pray to god this pain will soon end..

By Samara

This is about my beautiful friend who has been the light of my life until I had to move away, she was devastated she was my other half.

I think that you should know
That we'll be miles apart,
But even though it's far,
You'll still be in my heart,

At times you might remember
Or maybe you'll forget
The fun times we had together
In my heart the memories set

I know you'll find new people
I hope I'll stay your friend,
And if you do forget me
I'll remember you to the end,

One day we will find each other
And live out our dream
To live together like we planned
Well always be a team

I will always love you
Through the good and the bad
You will be remembered
Please just don't be sad...

By Shelbi

I miss the time where we could stare into each others eyes, and not have an awkward moment...

One gun, one bullet, one shot, one miss
Our love, our hug, our song, our kiss
My tears, my hurt, my pain, your bliss

I hope you will remember this
That day I cried, when you left me
the tears filled my eyes, and I couldn't see
but most of all I couldn't believe
That It was true, you finally left me

I loved you so much
I just wanted to be with you,
I would stay by your side, through anything
Wait for you by the phone, wait for it to ring
And when it does it won't be you
Besides to you,
Our love was never true,
so I'm sorry you don't love me,
and I'm sorry you don't care
But even though you've broken my heart,
and viciously torn my world apart,
I'll be there for you,
Through everything,
And I'll still wait by the phone,
waiting for it to ring,
And when it's not you,
I might just let go,
And hope one day you will soon see that maybe,
just maybe,
we were meant to be

By Tekayla Smith

I wrote this poem when I saw my ex boyfriend after our break up. I always try my best to hide my pain when I see him, but I have to show it one way or another so I wrote my feelings down.

When I see you
My eyes fill with tears
When I hear you
My blood spill out my ears

When I hug you
My body fills with pain
When I talk to you
My mind goes insane

When I think of you
My soul starts to ache
When I dream of you
My heart starts to break

By Pamela Kempton

Hi my name is Pammie, I have been dabbling in poetry for many years, I find that poetry is very personal, and people normally write a poem with one person in mind, having said that this one is for my husband. Hope you like?

If I could find a desert
Iíd fill it with my tears
Iíd build a boat of wishes
And sail from all my fears

My crew will all be promises,
The rigging all my dreams
The rudder made from memories
My hopes in all the beams

Iíd sail from all this loneliness
And all my troubles too
And when I find peace of mind
Iíll sail on home to you.

By Jason Follbaum

For the one I let get away. I wish we could turn back the hands of time. Replay life and fix our mistakes. This is to remind everyone that when the right one comes along do not hesitate. Make your decision and stand by it. No regrets.

Let me speak of a simple thing.
Yet more important then a rose ring.
I speak of a promise from your lips to my ears,
that took away all my fears.

To wait until our time had come,
and let me do what need be done.

Time has passed, the promise a lie.
Now I Just want to lay down and die.
I finally did what I needed to do,
All you could say it that we are through.

I just wish you had told me from the start,
You could not wait it would tear you apart.
To force me to make a decision back then,
Now we will never know what might have been.

Don't take this the wrong way, there is no reason to.
Feel no regret, I'm not blaming you.
I took my time like I always do
I know in my heart, It's my fault we're through.

By Destiny Ortiz

This is about how love can come and feel great but then it leaves and it feel awful.

What is love people say
It's the one thing we think about every day
Love is like a disease
Once you have it, it will never flee
Its like chains around your heart
Once its locked it will never come apart
Then you start to love it like the way it loves you
After that there's nothing you can do
To stop it from tearing your heart in half
It will come like it's a draft
It will start to slowly fade away
Then you will start to wish that it will stay
You might not take the news so well
Even though love feels like heaven
It can hurt like hell

By Shailey Verzosa

To Ralph, I really miss your sweetness

Dreaming of your touch burns my heart,
Imitating your smile tears me apart,
Remembering your hugs pains me inside,
Reminiscing your caress makes me nearly cry,
Since I decided to let go of you,
Started the hardest things for me to do,
Your lips .. I still wanted to kiss it,
Your arms I still wanted to chill me in this heat,
I always dream of your arms protecting me,
I still think of the sweetness I see in you eventually,
No! It was not! It's a fortune, it was a Calvary!
But wait, You don't see I'm tired of being lonely.
I really miss your kisses and hugs .. It's driving me crazy!
Longing for everything of you, can't you see it's killing me also!


I loved this guy gave myself to him. He was just in it for fun & he played me. I was hurt and upset when he started dating some girl 3 days after, I gave myself to him. When I found out I wrote him a letter, never mailed it but then I created a poem out of it.

I did it.
with you, perfection?
perfection is totally overrated.

I just wish you knew
the real reason
why I did it, with you.

I wanted you
for the longest time.
I liked you
through every girlfriend.

I acted and felt
like a hopeless little girl
waiting for you.

I created an opportunity
for me and you
to be together.

If only for an hour
even if it hurt so much
and was awkward for me

before it.
during it.
after it.

I was so happy
You were there.
But you didn't change
it didn't matter to you.

I was angry and upset
it killed me
I wanted you to
be jealous, happy and loving
because of me.

I gave everything
to you.
I let you
take it.
You never cared
about any of it.

In the end, you disgust me.

By Morgan Schutte

Finding out who we are is a hard lesson. Finding out who our loved ones truly are is even harder.

You entered my life like a wild summer breeze,
And changed my world like an ever changing sea.
You brought such beauty, you brought such joy,
You showed me a man in a world full of boys.

Years would soon pass like the ever changing wind,
Feelings soon fading like a harsh tide rolling in.
Words would be spoken words that no ears should ever hear,
Hearts would be broken like no heart should ever feel.

A love that was magical has now turned to stone,
The man I once loved, has shown no signs that he's grown.

He's still learning and hurting all that he's touches,
Proud of each golden heart that his hand eventually rusted.

The man I once loved was merely a dream,
pure fiction, unwell written, not at all how he seemed.

That story's now over and I truly must say,
I have grown since that time and my foolishness ways.

I have learned love is painful and often shows little joy,
for it's only a heartache from a heartless boy.

By Harvey Rose Teliaken

This poem is about wanting to forget someone you truly loved despite the fact that you are indeed strangers to each other.

I wish to wake up one day,
in my heart you're no where to be found.
All the memories of love be gone forever,
Like when I never knew you.

Moments of love with you is just a fantasy
I seek to be freed from this delusional bliss.
Restore my heart from its original state
Like when I never knew you.

Indeed I was enchanted,
in my life you're all I suddenly wanted.
Like the fastest bullet train, that hit me like a hurricane.
Yet sadly you never knew me.

I dreamed a dream about us
Walking in a seaside, side by side
You hugged me tight beyond the twilight
Yet sadly you never knew me.

Let this be the day, to end this agony.
I'm letting go of this love, letting go of you
Let this be the day, I'm back to the old me
Restored to the day, like it never happened.

By Jessie

Dealing with heartbreak and emptiness - hurt that rings so deep that you feel isolated from the world. Going through life's motions knowing it will take time to heal and hating time for taking so long. Wishing the pain was gone. Losing a relationship that was authentic is devastating. I am patiently waiting for time to do her deeds.

Canít believe its over
I sit here numb
How did it fail

There was so much love
Laughter and now pain
Where did it go wrong

I sit here numb
A dull ache within
So sore that tears
Donít come

Ripped apart, broken
Once and for all;
You were the one
That I wanted for life

Where did you stop
Loving me
Where did you stop

I saw it but thought
It was your past
I thought you were
Dealing with it

Your pain, your numbness
You wanted me gone
So long ago
I feel wasted, discarded

I donít know where
To pick up the pieces
I miss you like the
Moon misses the sun

You have taken all that
Is good in my life
Without you there is
No sun in my sky

I need you
Am lost without you
How do I go on,
How do I live

Tell me how do I
How do I face the day
Without you

I ache so much, my soul
Screams your name
I face the rain and know
They are my tears

I want to hold you
Feel my hand on your chest
Your arm around me
Your smile, your eyes
That catch my breath

I love you like no other
It's ungodly to love
Like this
Thatís why you are

I will go on, half a soul
I will catch your scent
In the wind
And my heart silently howls

Sleep will caress
My pain
Days will drag
I will go on
Without you

When you embrace
The other
I hear my heart rip
Wanting to hate

Screaming at the
Of the universe
Of love

No one to kiss
Away the pain
Mine to own
My brave heart


I am from Mumbai , India, I am poet in English and Urdu. Poetry is my passion

Like an angel she came and went
Leaving me in solitude for life

I do not blame she was an angel, it was
my destiny, we were made each other

But we were like two banks of a river
Never destined to meet. The time spent
together will remain deep down in my heart

Time flew away like floating clouds
Despite passage of time; she still

Lives within me like soul , Tried hard
to forget her but all in vain. No one

Could take her place for none was
Like her in, beauty and grace

Those beautiful eyes of her like serene lake
Her lips like rose petals, cheek like fresh lotus

Her majestic walk like peacock in the forest
Above all her devotion, love and care

She taught me meaning of life
I see her reflection every where be it

Moon, floating clouds, and flowing streams
Without her, life has been a lonely walk

On the vast desert. I wish her all the comfort
and happiness with her loved ones ever.

Love being rooted in soul, the time spent
together shall ever remain fresh in memory

By Just.A.Girl

This is how I feel right now I'm just really confused and this is my first poem so, please be nice.

remember the day we first met
I looked in your eyes and I'll never forget that feeling of love in my heart
the minute you looked at me and saw forever in your eyes
I thought we would never part
I've lost all sense of who I used to be since you left me
all I do is cry
I pray to god that one day you will see that we were meant to be
life's not the same with out you
days are long and nights are sleepless
I can't help thinking of what could have been
I feel so empty now your gone
just wondering were I went wrong
my love for you will never die no matter what you do
I'll love you forever
please know it's true that god blessed the day I met you


After being broken up with by my boyfriend of a year, I was very torn, and couldn't help but think it was my fault, and couldn't stop thinking about him and I being together.

I will always remember the night when you said goodbye.
The night you decided to throw away everything we had.
The night you opened my eyes to the world of sorrow.
The night you ended what I had worked so hard to save.

I will always remember the lonely nights that were to follow.
The nights where I lay awake, thinking of you.
The nights I cried, blaming myself for what went wrong.
The nights I wished for you to come back, and tell me everything would be okay.

I will always remember the nights spent together.
The nights when you loved me more than anything.
The nights when you hated having to say goodbye.
The nights when just being with you was enough to make me happy.

I will always remember the way you smelled,
and the way you cared for me.
I will always remember your warm embrace,
and your gentle touch.

By Francis Lyke

I wrote this poem at a time when I felt the relationship I was in wasn't working out anymore. Missing the good times I shared with this person, I will give everything now to have those times back. That's what inspired me to write this poem. Hope you love it.

Like a leaf in summer falling off a tree, you could see that love is gone.
Love, she was once our pretty little girl.
But we gave her hate & pain for bread.
We tore her apart with the claws of our conflicts & strife's.
With our unforgiveness & pride, away we drove her into the wild.
Now the sun has gone down on our love.
The world is so cold without you love.
Daily she sat crying at our harsh words.
Now look she's no more.
We fed her not with the food & drink of forgiveness & care so she grew weak.
Love, who was once so strong.
We ignored her whenever she called out to us.
She was in trouble & we fought for her not.
Now she's gone far from us.
So each day I sit here all by myself listening closely if I could just hear her voice.
I miss her dearly, love.
The one whom our feelings conceived.
Love, she was the best thing that happened to us, now am convinced.
But the day we turned our backs on each other we drove her away.
Love, I hope to find you someday and this time, I won't let you leave again.


true story, to me he was perfect.

If only you knew
How much I love you
Maybe then
You would feel that way too

But I can see it now
I know what youíd say
ďI'm not the one for youÖ
I donít like you that way.Ē

And when Iíd see your lips moving
To say this to me
I know hearing it will hurt
But you're all that I need

Weíve drifted apart
But my love has stayed strong
Believe me Iíve triedÖ
But I cant move on

Iíve watched you grow
Into the young man I knew youíd be
We grew up together
Now do you remember me ?

I know you will never look at me
The same way you used to
And I know you will never say the things
That we both believed were once true.

Weíve gone our separate ways
Travelling on a different track
Just know I will never forget you
Now tell me you won't forget me back

We shared our experiences
First kisses and first dates
But to you Iím just part of the past
Childhood daysÖ

So Iím just making sure
That you know how I have felt for a while
And in case you didnít know
I would die for you KyleÖ

I will always love you.

By Paperface

I am forever grateful. Grateful to have met you.

I've been starving this emotion for so long.
I am keeping your memories in a box in the back of my mind.
There, they are safe. There, they cause me to feel sure
that I once was alive.
I keep your kiss in my heart, It stops my crimson heart
from turning blue.
I lost my promise and have never felt so alone.
I feel the warmth of your love. I keep it inside.
I'm glad you're doing well. This love for you will always
I am forever grateful. Grateful to have met you.

By Corey Harrington

I wrote this poem after my wife and I split up. I was lying in bed and it just came to me. I sat there and wondered if I should get up and write what I was feeling. As you can see, I did. I'm not much of a writer, but anyone who has lost the person they love or had a broken heart can hopefully identify with what I've written.

You are miles away yet you are here. Memories of you linger everywhere and stir within my mind. A smell...a sound...a taste. You haunt my dreams but I do not want to wake.

I awake and it is cold. Emptiness looms, yet I push it away and go forward. I turn on the light yet it is dark. I yearn for the past and dread the future. My soul is now a ghost and my hopes are shards, fragments of what they once were. There is a bigger picture but I do not choose to see it.

My chin held high, I walk with confidence, yet the foundation is weak and broken. It will again be strong and whole, of that there is no doubt, but the road is long and charged with strife. A long journey will ensue.

I take a deep breath and one step forward. The journey has begun. My heart beckons me to turn back, but my mind will not allow it. I plant my feet firmly on the ground and slowly forge ahead...

By Brian Gaskin

I was an inmate of TDCJ in 2009. A friend wrote and asked if I would like a pen pal. I agreed and began writing the woman the poem was written for. After my release and getting to meet this woman I was hit with the hard reality that some things are "to good to be true."

Would we still expect good if in our mind we knew
That one of life's biggest let downs is "it's to good to be true"
Would we still let our feelings and emotions build inside
Would we try to mask the excitement shown by our smiles there's no way to hide
Why do we build ourselves up for such a big let down
Then realizing the statement is true turning our smiles to frowns
It's like starting a game that we know we can't win
And breaking promises to ourselves when we swore we wouldn't let it happen again
It recently happened to me and now I am stuck with I told you so
My mind knew better than to stray but my heart really wanted to go
So from here on out when I hear the words "it's to good to be true"
I want the whole world to know that my thoughts will always be on you


This was written for someone I love most when he was about to leave me. It's not because he doesn't love me but because he really needs to go. It's all between me and his family.

Iíve made a vow to love again NOT
I pledge that I will only love those who can make it real
Who can move the mountain and cross the most wide river
To have me by his side forever and always

But here you come and break the bottle
Knowing itís impossible to make it real I knew yet I didnít care
You steal my heart and touch my soul in a very simple way
Thereís no one like you in this world and that I can bet

I tried to play just around the bush but I found myself loving you
I found myself searching for you when you are out of my sight
I used to hear your voice every night and day
And thatís killing me inside when days just passed by without

Yes, the expectations happened, I am falling to you
And I love you more than I ever thought I could
The more I get to know you, the more I get interested to you
Mine, I canít live long with everything is all lie

And now, I am running around the circle, not knowing what road to take
I am scared to choose the road that could change my life through
Yet, here I am canít help put things in a bottle anymore
My love for you grows stronger as days goes by

But now, you are leaving then I feel bad and a lot of pain
Watching you going somewhere and canít do nothing
Hearing you are leaving could easily changed my mood
Mine, why it has to be this way?

When youíve open my heart to love you
When I use to start the day with your lovely face
When I am ready to cross the widest river
When I am ready to give my whole world to you

Now, tell me how am I going to start the day without you?
Mine, you touch the very deep part of me
And thatís hard for me to face the world without you
You show me what love means then show me how I can go out

If you could just hold me as close as possibly as you can
You can feel how I am dying inside to hold you back
If I could just hold you in my arms then I will never let you go
For the love and care you show is equal to none.

By Megan

My name is Megan I'm 13 years old and lost my first love. Skyler meant everything to me the world the air and the oceans. but suddenly when you think everythings okay its really gone so wrong

There is so much I know I want to say,
But I know this can't wait for another day.
Trying so hard to find the words to put it through...
I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm still in love with you.
My colors were bright but now they shine so dim,
After everything he's done I still miss him.
I miss his warm hands and his soft lips.
I miss the feeling of his fingertips.
I've finally stopped crying for what once was,
But I still miss him and everything he does.

By Amy Lorraine Bridges

I am trapped in a love that does not exist.

You're beautiful in every single way,
You're beautiful no matter what you say,
You're beautiful you're the only thing that's real,
You're beautiful you're the only thing I want to feel,
Just come and hold me tell me everything's alright,
Please don't leave me I hate it when we fight,
I can't let go of you and I wont,
I love you even though you don't,
Please don't hurt yourself or go get drunk,
Please don't skip school and flunk,
I just want you to be ok,
I don't want to have to worry about you today,
Why can't I set myself free,
Why did you have to be so beautiful to me?

By Mary Wells

This poem is a self-reflection and is about letting go.

Drive on, drive on
Far away from here
Don't turn back
You must forget

Go on, go on
A new chapter awaits
On the dawn
You must move on

Tread on, tread on
Looking forward
A new day will come
You must keep pace

Hold on, hold on
Catch your breath
Through the storms ahead
You must stand tall

Drive on, drive on
My precious love
Don't turn back
You must forgive

By Morgan

I feel like a description narrows down the variety of a poem, I'd much rather let your imagination make its own conclusions

I feel your eyes glazed on my back
Trying to dig your way into my soul
Trying to send a message telling me to turn around
But I will not be fooled by your caressing stare
I will not turn to face those eyes of deception
Then I feel your breath dance on my spine
And my body inhales and exhales euphoria
And I feel your fingers graze the thin material between you and my craving flesh
I shudder in ecstasy but then turn to realize you are still far behind me
And our encounter was only created by my false sense of hope
Your eyes retreated back to the safety of your corner
My eyes turned down to the dismalness of the floor
I glanced back towards the screen of the computer and caught a glimpse of my own reflection
Marked blurry by raw emotion
And I saw you wiping crocodile tears; they bit and sunk their teeth into my exterior
Your tears attack my skin until itís raw and Iím bleeding but I let myself perish
Because for once I remembered what it felt like when you cared
The consistent numbness vanquished with that one spark of nostalgia
Then I felt your eyes constricting my body
Pulling me in with the smell of sweet venom
And I turned to face you one last time
Our eyes slithered together sizing up one another
Then I remembered the open wounds that your poison still encrusted
I had your detrimental doings inside me, but most importantly your neglect took a hold of my judgment
The one thing you did for me was showing me that a cut could be healed
And thatís why I walked away from your intoxication
Your eyes embedded into my scars

By Andrew Blackledge

Finding a love but through our differing circumstances was told it had to end.

One day shuts
Another open
Having memories
Of things left broken

Fulfilled wishes
A dream youíd gotten
A wishful fear
Of being forgotten

Feelings had
A joy you felt
Now dealing with
The hand been dealt

Leaving thoughts
Of reasons why
A time to think
A silent cry

No love returned
A renewed Trend
Lost a love
Found a friend

By Garrod Caberio

A short poem on a dying love, betrayal, heartbreak. When the person you loved the most, the person who held your heart, your being, your world, your everything, and destroyed it, left you broken and shattered. When this happens don't drag it out, just say good bye

You said I was wrong
But I saw it with my eye's
It's just like some sad love song
Your word are nothing but lies
You said you love me
But that too was a lie
You really hurt me
So lets just say good bye

By Brian Hall

This is about the girl I loved more than anyone else in my life, who was taken from me, and I from her. That's all that really matters.

Every small piece of my life
Is a rainy day
I look into each moment with sorrow
Just as I look out my window at the rain on my doorstep

My soul dies in the rain, without her
Waiting, and willing never to rise again
For why live, for nothing, but the cold
And the wet
And the wind

I wish the rain would soak in through my skin
And soften me
Dissolve me
Into the ground, never to rise

Never again to wake
Never again to see
Never again to know
Never again to feel

For such is the wet, cold sorrow
Of loosing the only one who cared

By Kyle Mcfarlane

This poem is about losing someone that you love but you are losing them

my heart is twisted
squeezed and snapped
without your love
my heart is trapped.

come to me where
you belong
and together we'll be
like one harmonious song.

let our hearts come
together as one
and leave it at that
and it will all be done.

you're my girl
my heart my all
and when we were
together we had a ball.

but still my heart
continues to be
twisted squeezed and snapped
and without your love
my heart is still trapped.

By Sunsha

I wrote this poem on another night my husband is out. After ten years of marriage, I never expected things to be this way. Hopefully they will get better . . .

time flies
things change
all alone
by the phone
once again
if you don't want me
why not leave
instead of spending all your time gone
at the gym
taking trips
with the guys
anywhere but here
so many things have occurred
too much time has gone by
nothing can change those things that are done
I want my friend back
someone who wants to be here
not who is here wishing he were gone

By Buchi Mekwunye

Poem about a girlfriend who is leaving for the university. The boy couldn't buy her a gift but he writes her a poem.

Sweet Sadness
A sadness I see now
A grief I can barely bear
The sweet I'll learn later
You're going, that of learning
I'm learning from your going
I couldn't buy you a gift
But I write you this gift
To engraved in your heart
An evocative of this love
You go but to return
You go but without your love
Leave it with me
I leave mine with you
Learn the books
Let me learn to love you from afar
From that distance
Speak love to me
Speak forever to me
Speak goodbye now
I love you