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Dealing with heartbreak and emptiness - hurt that rings so deep that you feel isolated from the world. Going through life's motions knowing it will take time to heal and hating time for taking so long. Wishing the pain was gone. Losing a relationship that was authentic is devastating. I am patiently waiting for time to do her deeds.

Brave Heart

© Jessie

Canít believe its over
I sit here numb
How did it fail

There was so much love
Laughter and now pain
Where did it go wrong

I sit here numb
A dull ache within
So sore that tears
Donít come

Ripped apart, broken
Once and for all;
You were the one
That I wanted for life

Where did you stop
Loving me
Where did you stop

I saw it but thought
It was your past
I thought you were
Dealing with it

Your pain, your numbness
You wanted me gone
So long ago
I feel wasted, discarded

I donít know where
To pick up the pieces
I miss you like the
Moon misses the sun

You have taken all that
Is good in my life
Without you there is
No sun in my sky

I need you
Am lost without you
How do I go on,
How do I live

Tell me how do I
How do I face the day
Without you

I ache so much, my soul
Screams your name
I face the rain and know
They are my tears

I want to hold you
Feel my hand on your chest
Your arm around me
Your smile, your eyes
That catch my breath

I love you like no other
It's ungodly to love
Like this
Thatís why you are

I will go on, half a soul
I will catch your scent
In the wind
And my heart silently howls

Sleep will caress
My pain
Days will drag
I will go on
Without you

When you embrace
The other
I hear my heart rip
Wanting to hate

Screaming at the
Of the universe
Of love

No one to kiss
Away the pain
Mine to own
My brave heart


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Published: December 2010

Rating: 4

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle