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In this poem there are everything I wanted to say to him..but I never did..because I was the one who felt something big..but he felt nothing...

Love And Despair

© Efi Gialia

Don't talk anymore my love.
Just look at me
and you will understand how I feel..
Look deep in my eyes
and you'll see your name,
my soul's broken mirror.
I love you more than you believe,
like you are my life,
my other half,
my subconscious guardian angel.
Look around you.
Has anyone loved you more than I do?
Never cry my love.
cause you'll make me bleed.
Always be happy
for your smile is a source of life for me.
I breathe when you breathe.

But forgive me
for what I say.
I know you feel nothing.
For you I'm just a game
that you played with once
and know you hate
even to look at.
I'm sorry for my feelings.
I know they drown you,
they don't set you free.

Come and tell you hate me.
That there's no other chance,
no fake hope!
Don't show me but tell me.
And then I will leave you.
I swear I will
You, my endless pain.
It's not your fault.
I can't blame you.
It's me who loves you.
Tell me the truth,
and you'll never see your name written in my eyes.
Cause I'll keep our past and my love
in the bottom of my heart
and I'll be gone …;


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Published: December 2010

Rating: 4.19

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle