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How does a couple continue to kindle the spark of romance after years of marriage? Couples have always struggled with this. What is the definition of romance? Any act that helps a couple feel that they are more than roommates and that reminds them of the special feelings that they hold for each other deep inside is a romantic gesture. Feelings of love are often hiding just below the surface. All it takes to bring these thoughts out is some thought about what will make your partner feel loved and sexy.

By Bjorn Garborg

I just wanted to tell her how amazed I am, and that I am the proudest man alive to have her.

A sensation of an uproar, and chaos
Will make any man tremble
I gaze at the sun
Even though it can't match the warmth
That I feel, in my chest, when you smile at me

A place of beginnings, and of endings
A wild, wild blue, and white toppings
I gaze at the sea
Even though the most beautiful blue
Is the one shining from your eyes

How beautiful they are, spread across the night sky
Shining and glimmering, as any wonders of the world
I gaze at the stars
Even though the most wonderful one of them all
Is sitting by my side, clinging herself to me

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