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There are many issues that come up in a relationship that can be confusing. Each person has their own idea about what relationship means and it is necessary to clarify these issues. When the inevitable conflict arises, a good place to start is clarifying what each partner wants out of the relationship. The bottom line is relationships are confusing and it helps when there is good communication whether it is between lovers, friends or family.

Poem of the Week
By Kay Salady

I cannot seem to find perspective. It seems Iíve lost my point-of-view.
Your words were sweet. You were selective in choosing them. When I saw you,
I fell apart, and all the barriers that I had set came tumbling down.
My mind and heart fused together, as you and I, whirling around.
This senseless love that spins in the darkness of an eclipsed moon has gone astray,
picked up itsí light as sparks flew brightly across our sky, in such a way
that took my breath, that stopped my heartbeat, as a great light soared through the sky.
I was blinded by the white heat that took me down then raised me high.
All for your kiss, I sailed the seas and crossed the desertís arid sand.
I risked my life all for the honor, for the touch, of your sweet hand.
The aching pain of craving the luxury to rest upon my loverís chest
drove me insane as I surrendered all that I am for I am blessed
to know this love thatís all-consuming, that fills my soul beyond compare.
This fragrant rose thatís ever blooming emits a perfume that is so rare.
I inhaled you within my being; now you are sailing inside my sea.
Forever love, I will be dreaming to be with you eternally.
My star had melted into morning as the dawn sent him away.
I am alone in the bright sunlight and I canít find the words to say
how lost I am inside this vacuum. There is no color and thereís no sound.
I cannot smell your fragrant perfume. I wonder why it canít be found.
It seems Iíve lost all my perception and I am frozen in deep despair.
Iíve lost the path Iíd longed to follow. My way is you and youíre not here.


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