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A girl with a boyfriend is a girl with issues. One second your man is there for you and the next he just isn't. He is from Mars and you are from Venus and he just doesn't get it. A relationship is always a work in progress. Poetry about Relationships is about dealing with issues.

8 Terrific Relationship Poems - Words To Express Relationship Feelings

By Mania Jankowski

I wrote this poem for all the homosexuals who feel alone and judged because of what they are and what they love. The inspiration actually came to me after MY girlfriend was upset because she was made fun of because of us and I got sick of all the discrimination. just a note- this poem has some references to the Christian beliefs and religion. I have NOTHING against that faith, even though I do mention it in this poem. I hold no grudge towards them in any way.

We walk the fine line
Between insanity and love
Love is love
Isnít it?
We are told
We are sinful
But what of the people
Who cast us aside
Turn their backs on us
Treat us with their cold whispers and burning hot stares
Like we are a knife
Straight into the heart of the bible
And the ďholy ghostĒ
But what right God
Would toss out his own ďchildrenĒ
Just for who they love?
Love is love.
We are the ones in the pouring rain
Who dance and laugh and smile
Even though sometimes it seems
That the world is against us.
we are different
beautiful; we stand strong
against the names
the pain
love is love
but hate is hate
what is left
for those who feel both
and yet neither?
We play their little game
Living in their world where
Laws and rules
That are supposedly in the best interest
Of the people
Bind us to ourselves
We can cry, feel, dream
We can love, care, support each other
Just the like the next person
Who may be classified as ďnormalĒ
We are not the devil
We are not the problem
We are hope
We are love
Love is love

By O'Shanel Eppes

This is about love and the constant battle it holds.

Iím tired of trying.
Iím tired of crying.
I donít have any fight left in me.
Iím so over it.
I gave you all of me
& you donít seem to notice.
I gave you the best of me
& you donít seem to care.
I gave you everything.
Iím not going to make you out
To be the bad guy or anything.
At first you were amazing.
Then you got comfortable.
You started to have an ďidcĒ attitude.
You just brush me off like lint.
You toss me off to the side
Like an old, dirty sock.
Throw me away like a used napkin.
Do you know how I feel?
I have no more tears left to cry.
Iím all dried out.
Everything I say to you is a lie?
I canít make you believe me.
I wonít.
Not anymore.
Iím done.
Are you that insecure?
Are you that hurt?
How do you think I feel?
Do you consider that?
I didnít think so.
I love you.
That scares me the most.
You say you love me too.
Do you really?
If this is what love feels like,
I want out.
From what I know
This isnít love.
Love is truthful and happy.
Not lying and misery.
I love you and I hate that.
Sometimes we have the best times,
Other times I wonder,
ďWhy are we even doing this?Ē
I canít take it anymore.
Youíre so indecisive.
One day you want me to be with you forever.
You want me to be your wife.
You canít live without me.
The next day you never want to see me again.
You donít want anything to do with me.
This isnít love.
If this is what love feels like I want out.
No I donít.
I canít give up.
I care about you too much.
You have issues and I do too.
Weíll work on this together.
As long as youíre willing.
Iím not going anywhere.
Iím here to stay.
ďI love you.Ē
ďI love you too.Ē

By Kaylan

It's about my friend I have had for awhile and I have realized I love him. I want to know how he feels about me. I like being friends with him but I want to be more and this is about me telling him how I feel.

we're friends nothing more
or so it seems
you're in my dreams every night
when I close my eyes
I see your face
I see your smile
I haven't seen you in awhile
then you show up
and flash that smile
and I melt
and I wish I knew
how you felt
we're friends
and I love it but I
wish we were

By Sabrina P. Foster

Single mom,filled with love and just sharing it with everyone.

A soft touch and gentle kiss
Breathe in me and send me into bliss
Show me real love without touching me
Touch me without damaging me
Am I precious to you?
More than rubies
Am I desired love
Will you let GOD lead you to me
Or will you come when I call
Tell me am I desired love

By Hailee Boquet

It's about how strong and weak a relationship is.

Day to day, We live
In separation, In bond
Some days you are bewildered.
When you look at me,
You seem dazed
Is it the reflection of us,
That frightens you.
Yes, we are delicate,
Delicate at heart
For we are so unique.
Days we struggle,
But we always succeed
Which expresses the strength,
That is between us.
Since we are new to life,
Thereís so much to accomplish.
We will do that together
As we desire
Through each day
Because we are in love

By Allan Reed

A dream waiting to happen just by being together

if you close your eyes
the world seems to go by
take your time
to realize it just a dream
a picture in your mind
no matter how real it seems
but if you close your eyes you can do anything

time flies by if you want
stop for a while
give me a taunt
maybe a smile
just remember it's just a dream

you and me
how easy it could be
together forever
we both know together is the only way
we'll make it another day
without our love
there's nothing that can take us above
this world
let's make this dream a reality

By Anastasia Gackenheimer

This is a poem about trying to keep it together when it seems like things are breaking apart between you two when you loved him so deeply and it seems like goodbye. The eternal suffering of love

Hold your breath try to forget the way he would smell and the way he would touch your arm like that.

Brings you back to old memories you thought you left behind in the past.

Words on paper don't define how he crawled into your heart and turned your world upside down.

You thought the pieces were mended but now their upended like books tossed from a shelf in a rage.

He still makes you weak in the knees with these old memories that seem to stay forevermore.

The fact is it seems like he never left, because you see him everywhere you go like a ghost that will never leave you alone.

By Helen Howell

One day the honesty of love
simply melted like the snow
but then the clouds disappeared,
the sun shone brilliantly,
and we thought it was good.

We never saw the lingering
of head bent cautiousness
or knew how quiet withdrawals
taint future outlooks.

But here we stand beneath the sun;
surely weíd remember
that beautiful appendage
to the body beautiful?

We thought, we think, but can it be
we live without loveís honesty
because, because, we thought it good
that day it disappeared?