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Love heightens our emotions and awakens our senses. What we feel is sometimes sweet like the aroma of flowers and earth after a spring storm. Sometime it is stimulating like the first sip of coffee in the morning. It can feel heavy, drowning us in just a whisper. It will displace your reality. We begin to awaken each day with a ravenous hunger for our lovers touch and an insatiable thirst to caress them. The sight of that person and their scent send unspoken and yet shouted signals to our body. No wonder love is so powerfully addictive.

Poem of the Week
By Regina Jaya Scott

Basically This Poem Is About Love Making... Hope You Enjoy Reading It As Much As I Enjoyed Writing It.

add you and me
subtract our clothes
divide my thighs
so we can multiply the times you make my love pour down
from the moans to the begging
your love makes it easy to want more of you
the way you enter me with satisfaction
most likely my responds with pleasure
there's no better feeling than this
when I explode be prepared to witness the moment
all of me belongs to you
just like that your tongue makes me lose my mind
climbing on top is my specialty
I enjoy riding your parade of fun
receiving love from you makes the night more than special
like the 4th of July my heart bursts with excitement
when you whisper softly in my ear your words move through me like the wind on a chilly afternoon
in these sheets our love will unravel from hours of passion

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