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Love heightens our emotions and awakens our senses. What we feel is sometimes sweet like the aroma of flowers and earth after a spring storm. Sometime it is stimulating like the first sip of coffee in the morning. It can feel heavy, drowning us in just a whisper. It will displace your reality. We begin to awaken each day with a ravenous hunger for our lovers touch and an insatiable thirst to caress them. The sight of that person and their scent send unspoken and yet shouted signals to our body. No wonder love is so powerfully addictive.

14 Sensual Love Poems - Intense & Passionate Love Poems

By Sutekh Adamah

I can only tell you: "The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of." - Blaise Pascal

If I was to read for you, My Dear Rose.
A poem of beauty, as only few words could show.
Like Picasso as a writer, let me paint your body.
A whisper of grace and elegance, without noise of gaudy.

See her breast cupped; stretch the stitches of her blouse.
As if swollen with milk, my flame only her water could douse.
Lingers of secluded comfort, like a forest cottage house.
My fingers warm between her soft cleavage, like a hiding mouse.

Her nipples harden from my whispers in the air.
As her body heats up, her sweat gives off a scent so rare.
Undress her body, sounds of her clothes as they tear.
Like electric musical notes, rise from her body like hair.
No other woman has ever had a skin so fair.
Like a roses petals, no other flower could compare.
Taunting Eden's apple, as if to rival a pear.

See her sway her thighs and hips.
Like a rose in the wind, petals swell from the tips.
Softest leather feel, back arched like a crack from the whip.
Tall smooth legs, like a mast of a ship.
And the rain on her sails, taste of honey to lips.

Your arms like shields, rose's petal points lifted.
Touch of your fingers, ten angel pianists, heavenly gifted.
Easily make a man's emotions feel shifted.
Dancing in the mind of every dream he has drifted.

Those smooth long legs spread like the wings of a flyer.
Inner thighs speak a truth that would mute a liar.
And drip sweet smelling nectar that excites a man's desires.
Like an addictive drug, that makes him only want to get higher.

Her smooth bottled neck, over her soft shoulders
Holds a face of beauty, eyed in all beholders.
A rose lost in the forest, graceful, triumphant, and wild.
Enchanted mystic youth, pretty, majestic, like a fairy's child.

Beautiful arms even Hercules could not grace.
Like two pythons, leave a man breathless in embrace.
And the pressure they do impart,
Have the power to forever imprison your lover in your heart.

I could never forget her sweet smelling perfumed hair.
Blowing in the air as if God's winds, were trying to stare.
Her eyes which contact made you frozen,
Put you in a spell that made you swear that you were chosen.
Trapped in fleeting notions,
Her lips tasting of Love's potions.

If I was to read for you, My Dear Rose.
A poem of beauty, as only few words could show.
Like Picasso as a writer, let me paint your body.
A whisper of grace and elegance, without noise of gaudy.

By Belladonna Cadaver

I just wanted to express how I feel when I'm with the one I love...

Your eyes,
your lips,
your hands,
I miss,
your kiss
your touch,
that fire
so much.
I'm under your spell,
I'm so hot for you,
my souls burns in hell.
My toes curl,
as you play with my hair,
my tummy tingles,
everytime you are near.
like a furnace
I go up in flames.
with you by my side,
around me, inside me,
I soar to the sky,
you're with me,
you guide me.
Your lips on my skin,
your fingers within,
your breath on my neck,
your legs within mine
you're glistening;
sweat, you're feeling my fire.
Take me higher again,
I wanna go to heaven!

By Raquel Mckissock

I had an amazing group of die hard friends that got me through some very hard times growing up. A lot of us had problems, and felt we were alone so our bonds were extra strong and fierce. Sadly as some moved away and a few died, we were scattered in all directions. Recently, one of those friends found me, and soon sweet memories of then began to get stronger. This poem, is a way to remember that amazing time, and pay tribute to someone that once gave me hope at a time when I needed it most

Watching him as he sleeps
Almost irresistible urges hit me,
The urge to touch him
To caress his face
To lean down and kiss
His slightly parted lips;

Where had all my strength gone?
All the wants that I had tried
So hard to hide?
I move toward him
And kneel down,
He feels me there;

He pulls me to him
As his lips find mine
And I am helpless
Unable to even resist
And I know I don't want to;

I give myself over
our bodies entwine,
Time stands still
And two lovers
Share all that we are.

By Regina Jaya Scott

Basically This Poem Is About Love Making... Hope You Enjoy Reading It As Much As I Enjoyed Writing It.

add you and me
subtract our clothes
divide my thighs
so we can multiply the times you make my love pour down
from the moans to the begging
your love makes it easy to want more of you
the way you enter me with satisfaction
most likely my responds with pleasure
there's no better feeling than this
when I explode be prepared to witness the moment
all of me belongs to you
just like that your tongue makes me lose my mind
climbing on top is my specialty
I enjoy riding your parade of fun
receiving love from you makes the night more than special
like the 4th of July my heart bursts with excitement
when you whisper softly in my ear your words move through me like the wind on a chilly afternoon
in these sheets our love will unravel from hours of passion

By Christopher Provost Scott

As a young French/French Canadian man touring in this great country, I met the most beautiful and fascinating Luxembourgish woman hiking through the wilderness in Oregon. The sky was without blemish and the sun smiled brightly upon us. We fell deeply in love that day, and nineteen years later we still share that same passion between us.

The sun shown down upon two naked bodies
making love in the woods
creating a heat
unparalleled to the heat of passion.

Two heartbeats racing together
keeping time
keeping sync
keeping love at a safe pace.

Their eyes locked upon each other
as emotion builds within their veins
bringing short gasps of breath
to a crescendo of feeling.

Love the essence of life the essence of being
is taking place in the solitude of nature
bringing with it the enchantment and music
of the motion itself.

She envelopes me with her arms and lips
taking me in to the depths she has reserved for me
floating me over the earth above the clouds
in the most wonderful experience I have ever known.

She is mine beneath me.

By Donna Vango

The perfect dance

It has begun with a touch, a smile a moment shared
Untamed emotions for which we were unprepared
You lead with your, hand in the small of my back
Lost looking into eyes of ivory black
Aesthetically, you command style
I become the muse of the dance for a while
Rhythmically we step, movements pulsating
The warmth of your hand I am embracing
Fingers entwined, bodies moving in time
Hearts pounding to their internal rhyme
In every breath, every step, every beat
With each twist and turn we feel complete
We’ve succumb to the hypnotic trance
Lovers gone astray in life's eternal dance

© 2006 donnamv

By Ahmed Elmasry

I wrote this poem to my babe, she lives 1000 miles away, hope you like it

I never felt this way before
For someone I really adore
No matter what I get from you
My passion won’t vanish anymore
Your curves are just a masterpiece
For which I give my life and more
Your smile just shines up my day
When nothing goes the right way
All I need is just to embrace
My babe with the pretty face
Just a sip of your pink lips
While my arms around your hips
Want to feel your body shiver
Your heart jumping off your chest
Want to smell your gorgeous scent
Kiss you in each and every inch

So please babe don’t be blue
Promise you; I’ll be with you
And all fantasies will be true
By the moment I embrace you
When I see you once again
Your quiescent senses will get blown
And as we pass along the way
My hug will always be for you
Because I am dead in love with you

By Richard Jeffrey Newman

This poem was originally published by Cavankerry Press in the book "The Silence of Men", Poems by Richard Jeffrey Newman. It is published here with the permission of the poet.

In the dream, my life was smoke: I couldn’t breathe.
So I ran, unwrap­ping myself down the beach
till your skin, the ocean, lapped at my knees.
I dove in. Your voice was a cur­rent,
a melody gath­er­ing words to itself
for us to sing, and we sang them,
and they swirled around us, iri­des­cent fish
bring­ing light to the world you were for me;

and then I was water, a river
wash­ing the night from your flesh,
and I cra­dled your body ris­ing in me
till you were clean, glow­ing,
and when you sur­faced, glis­ten­ing,
there was not an inch of you I didn’t cling to.

By David Yearwood

Expressing one's sensual erotic side of a relationship only brings them closer together, if you can't find words to say how you feel, send her/him this poem!

To hold you close, to have you near,
to have my breath, against your ear.
Whispering the words I long to say,
to show you my passion, in that special way.

The loving, the kissing would feel so right,
expressing our love, right through the night.
Our bodies come together in pure ecstasy,
thrusting and moaning, You become part of me.

Reaching that point there is no turning back,
our bodies explode together with love.
Now, cuddling and laughing, we've done it all,
I look up and smile, Oh! It's you I love.

By Elizabeth McGuire

My husband, Chay, inspired me to write this. I tried my very best to find the words that explains just how awesome our love makes me feel.

When she looked at him she developed a deep thirst.
Her body became so sensitive to his every move and word.
The way he looked right into her soul as he spoke to her was the most intoxicating thing she had ever experienced.

As she ran her fingertips down his neck and shoulders her heart beat increased with each caress.
They pulled each other close; she could barely control her breath as he planted wet, soft kisses on her mouth and chest.

This wasn't only love.
This was pure ecstasy at its finest.

By C.E. Mckee

The poem is an ode to the passion of young lovers. Perhaps the subjects are lifelong partners OR fiery new acquaintances...that's for you to decide. There is a true and visceral beauty to be found in the fire that smolders behind "the swiftly shuttered screen" at night, when the world beyond temporarily loses all value in the minds of the twisting figures on the floor.

Fairy wings
Dragon teeth
Fire in the lungs
Simple things
Lie beneath
The embers on the tongue

Rolling heavy
On the floor
Burning in between
Pushing steady
Close the door—
The swiftly shuttered screen

Heave your breath
Flick your tongue
Light me from within
Simple things
Lie beneath
The quiet at the end.

By Courtney Bleu

Unhurried love deepens the experience. I like to play with ways to express passion.

I took a long time
to choose what I wanted
Soup, hot soup
A cup? No a bowl
of sustenance dark, rich,
full bodied and aromatic

So I took the time
to inhale deeply and swallow slowly,
letting soup sips caress
my taste buds before sliding
swiftly down my throat
splash landing a smile into a sigh

And in the last minutes of time
I tipped the bowl, smoothly
rocking end drops into the concave curve
and with my head tilted back,
lips slightly parted, I sucked the last
good-as-the-first satisfying drops

From that bowl,

Of hot soup


This is my love who is not in the town. I crave to be with but alas. These words came from my inner soul that constantly keeps loving her.

Oh! Where are you? Where are you?
Without you the city is a tomb
Without you there is no sunshine
Oh! My love where are you? Where are you?

My eyes wander to see your face
My heart is thumping and shouting
My throat choked when think of you
My eyes are getting wet all the time
Oh! My love where are you? Where are you?

Oh! My love hear me cry for you
Imagine you all the time beside me
Recalling your smiling face and lips
I miss your blushing and naughty eyes
I miss your whisper, giggle and love
Only thing my eyes see is your lovely face
Oh! My love where are you? Where are you?

I miss the fights and I miss the touch
Without you my world seems to an end
You are my first color of the rainbow
My life had all the colors while with you
I think of those your licking fingers
And miss the way you tackle your hair
Oh! My love where are you? Where are you?

Never knew I can't exist without you
So in heaven you are made for me
I miss those cutting 'chai' we have
I miss those words 'value for money'
I miss those looks you give and glare
I miss that 'tapori' words you use
Oh! My love where are you? Where are you?

I love the way you hold lower lip
Between the jaws while you think
I miss the act I repeat to tease you
Your words echoing all the time
Still I die to hear those words from you
Oh! My love where are you? Where are you?

Come on and hold me tight my love
I am falling to dust without you hold
Without you I was a moving dead man
You raised me to life with dreams
And lit the desire in me to live again
Oh! My love where are you? Where are you?

You picked me from those mountain rocks
Carved out me into this 'mad loving man'
With less words but full of love and care
I miss those small notes you write for me
Oh! My love where are you? Where are you?

You never desire glitter of the gold
Happy all time with all small things I do
Give -N- Take you teach to all
But always you do only Give-N-Give
There are few souls on the earth
God has made you so good my love
Please come my love hold me…hold me….

Oh! My love where are you? Where are you?
Oh! My love where are you? Where are you?

By David Yearwood

Loving you is all I can do, body, soul and heart, is this the way you want to be loved?

Today you told me you're falling in love with me,
or, was it your extra heart beats I felt, while kissing you?
it was all over me, opening the doors to my heart,
Awaiting your entry, with sweet delight

I felt your touch in the corners of my heart,
trusting you, is all I want to do.
but, is this your way of giving me your love?
and the way you want to be loved?

whilst I kissed you, from lips to toes,
your soft body felt like a winter rose.
Oh so soft, as one can be,
Your softness I feel, I've got to love you now!