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Love heightens our emotions and awakens our senses. What we feel is sometimes sweet like the aroma of flowers and earth after a spring storm. Sometime it is stimulating like the first sip of coffee in the morning. It can feel heavy, drowning us in just a whisper. It will displace your reality. We begin to awaken each day with a ravenous hunger for our lovers touch and an insatiable thirst to caress them. The sight of that person and their scent send unspoken and yet shouted signals to our body. No wonder love is so powerfully addictive.

Poem of the Week
By Elizabeth McGuire

My husband, Chay, inspired me to write this. I tried my very best to find the words that explains just how awesome our love makes me feel.

When she looked at him she developed a deep thirst.
Her body became so sensitive to his every move and word.
The way he looked right into her soul as he spoke to her was the most intoxicating thing she had ever experienced.

As she ran her fingertips down his neck and shoulders her heart beat increased with each caress.
They pulled each other close; she could barely control her breath as he planted wet, soft kisses on her mouth and chest.

This wasn't only love.
This was pure ecstasy at its finest.

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