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Love Poems for Him Or Her From The Heart

Love is universal. It unites humanity as one big family. Truly, it doesn't matter where you find yourself in the world, you will find people in love. While customs may vary, in love, nationality, language and culture don't matter. Love is something that we all desire. It forms a part of us no matter what corner of the world we come from. Sometimes two people may fall in love and even marry without even speaking the same language. That is the power love has to unite. It can unite two people or families or even nations. Therefore, let us all give our best in love. Just maybe, we can make a small contribution to the unity of the human family.

14 Heart Touching Love Poems - Love Poems From The Heart

By Anne Smit

My crush is quite insecure. This poem explains what some of his problems are and how I'd love to help him.

How I'd like to
catch your nightmares
with my bare hands
and put them away
out of your reach.

How I'd love to
take away your insecurities
and replace them
with the wonderful thoughts
I have about you.

How I desire to
rip out your frustrations
and make you smile endlessly
maybe then you will see
how beautiful you are.

By Jen Matteo

This is simply my idea of how things SHOULD be

Desire ensnares the heart;
Infatuation captivates the mind;
Passion inflames the body;
And Love, Love consumes the soul...

Hearts can break;
Minds do falter;
Bodies ultimately fail;
And Souls, Souls become trapped...

But if one nurtures the heart;
Stimulates the mind;
Worships the body;
And feeds, feeds the Soul...

Hearts can beat in unison;
Minds will think in kind;
Bodies move as one;
And our Souls, our Souls will be free...

By Holly Tegeler Morgan

Hello! My name is Holly Tegeler Morgan and I have been writing poetry since Junior high. I was inspired to write by my English teacher at the time, who just happened to be my best friends mom. We are STILL best friends to this day. I am a single mother of four beautiful children and a full time college student! I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. I am also a 3 year survivor of Inflammatory Breast Cancer! All these things make me the person I am today.

A love like ours
so precious, so rare

Your love to me
is like the air

Needed to live
so much to give

Surrounds my soul
a once dark hole

That never I thought
would feel love again

I had given up hope
of ever trusting a man

To hold my heart
within their hand

Pleading them not to shatter
the dreams we once shared

Only to suddenly feel
like they never cared

I now know
there is a man

That can hold my heart
within his hand

And love all the pieces
left behind from before

And piece it back together
never have I loved more

This one man
is all I will ever need

Just me and my true love
from now ''til eternity

Holly Tegeler Morgan
April 7, 2010


I'm a young Published Author who wanted to write a poem about the love that everyone should be blessed with.

When I look into your eyes the only word that comes to mind is love.
The beauty of your look, the warmth of your touch and the comfort in your voice tells me that I am cared for, your arms wrapped around me fill me with the assurance that I'm protected.
The idea that no matter how I look on a off day or when I wake up in the morning, you tell me how beautiful I am.
The butterflies you give me with every kiss, makes my heart beat faster as I don't want to move from against your body.
The look in your eyes when you stare at me with no words spoken tells me everything I want to know.
Your heart speaks to me louder everyday, making sure I hear it's music of love.
You are the first thing I think of when I wake up when I should be thinking about work, you are last thing I think of before I go to bed when I should be thinking about what I have to do for the next day, and you are the only thing I dream of when I'm to tired to think.
You are always on my mind giving me the want to just smile.
You are the reason why I can say I'm happy, and be honest about it.
You give me more than I can ever express.
I thank you for allowing me in your heart, but most of all I Love You!

By Julia Fehrenbacher

The simple things become special because one is in Love!

I would have missed this

You, baby bird
with your half- broken wing
you, with your tiny freckles
and eyes that plead
please, please love me
just the way I am

I would have missed this
if I had held back the gush
of love
in that one-of-a-kind moment
the one that will never
be again

wispy angel clouds
hand reaching for mine
breath full of new
I would have missed you

if I'd been bound
by what was "appropriate"
by whether they'd approve
by should or shouldn't haves
what ifs or hows
if I had been measuring
or grasping, wishing
I had
or hadn't
If I had been thinking
this moment needed
to be more
or less

I would have missed this
but I didn't, thank God
instead I was

right Here

wide-eyed open
heartfirst diving
into this sparkling
never ending
sea of

By Mandy Mullins

I just felt like writing, and because this girls the only thing in my head. I had to get it out=]

I have to limit myself to the happiness you cause.
I have to be careful, put my feelings on pause.
Because with you I know this is real..
The laughter, the smiles, the feelings I feel.
I'm trying my best to keep to myself.
Just one glance into your green eyes and I melt.
But babe I'm not scared..
My heart in which I know you would take care.
I just don't want to fall in love again to watch it break.
I cant let this end, you're not only my lover, but my best friend.

By L. Kimberley Simpson

I had the biggest crush, so much so that I couldn't tell him. Leaving this poem under his windshield wiper one night was as close as I got. Later, after I got married I ran into him. When I told him I was married he got the most hurt look on his face. I realized then maybe he felt just as I had, overwhelmed. I love my husband, but I wish I had been brave enough to experience spending time with someone who made me feel so helpless. The moral of this story is don't be afraid to feel too much.

In my paradise I sit and dream along the shore
Sun warmed shoulders feel so good and yet I still want more
The sky must be the perfect blue if it is to please
Filled with bone white gulls and the lazy drone of bees
Cool sea breezes twine themselves around the tall dune grass
And then a star or two appears as delicate as glass
I sit in perfect peace as the sky deepens it's hue
The only thing more sweet than this is when I look at you

If I could describe the true perfection of your eyes
They would make ordinary the bluest of all skies
And though I love the sun I must confess it is the case
I'd take a thousand rainy days to look upon your face
The thing that I am saying in my shy and fumbling way
Is that my only wish is that you'd find a way to stay
So hide the sea, the sun, the stars, and every buzzing bee
Hide them all, my dear, but please don't hide yourself from me

By Meme

unfortunately sometimes we lose the ones we love the most either suddenly or gradually.... it's not how much time there is but what we do and say within that time. cherish every second! it counts!

if I was struck with a fatality how would you feel?
stay by my bedside and pray that I heal...
cry with me and wipe my tears...
comfort me to diffuse my fears...
tell me you love me times a million and one...
whisper your dreams of me having your son...
pray for just another second, thanks for each proceeding breath...
stay clutched in my hand until there's no more of me left...
would you lay there next to my steady weakening body and fall in love all over again?

By Micael Filipe Silva Barradas

This poem is retrieved from my first collection entitled Pieces of My Life. Anyone can relate to this one because it shows how love can be intense, and how it can affect someone who is in love.

This love is so infectious
That I can't get away from
It is like a disease
That takes control of my body

This love seems impossible
But I am not able to take it back
I just can't forget about this love
Because it is already a part of my life

This love is perfect the way it is
I just can't let it go
Because it makes me feel all right

This love is all I need
Because my life wouldn't be the same without it
I will always keep this love around
To just remember how everything began


This poem was inspired from a very very special person in my life that was never to be on my side of things ....hope you enjoy it as much as I do every time I read it it brings me right back to the time I felt that way ...time is a great healer !!!

Tell me have you ever ..... falling for someone
that one forbidden piece of love .. you know is oh so wrong ,

Tell me have you ever ..... cried alone at night
thinking of how you'll work it out and thing's will be just right

Tell me have you ever ..... sat and wondered why
some people in your lifetime just make you wanna cry

Tell me have you ever ..... felt this inner pain
it makes you wanna never ever fall in love again

Just one more thing to tell me .. because your truth I can depend
will I ever find my one true love or just another friend .......

By Avesh Maharaj

My first crush and heartbreak all rolled in one. Opened my eyes to the world of poetry.

Across the room our gazes met
One look at you and I lose my breath
A more beautiful woman
I have never seen
Lips so rosy and full
My heart strings you pull
Eyes so beautiful and deep
Thinking of you I wonít sleep
I walk across, feeling bold

But alas anotherís hand you hold
O cruel fate
Is it me you hate?
So close to happiness
So close to bliss
But stolen away so fast
This pain I hope will not last

By Wendy Mason

"I will write to you tonight"
But you never do!
What do you mean?
"Write to you tonight"
Not pen and ink,
Nor words I think.
Touching my dreams perhaps.
Weaving a spell in my ears
With your music.
There's the clue!
And all these weeks
I thought it was

By Adele Farrell

I wrote this poem for my boyfriend when we first got together and we have now been together 1 year

when I met you
life turned around for me.
things did not seem boring anymore
life was how it should be.

the days when we used to go for walks
the crazy things we done and the mad talks.

even thinking about them brings a smile to my face
and even as I think of you my heart starts to race.

I never thought I would love you or fall this deep
but now I hope we stay together forever I hope you are mine for keeps.

there ain't a limit to what I would do for you
you don't even know you don't have a clue.

people have tried to break us apart
but I am stronger than that I know what I feel for you in my heart.

so I end this poem with a little smile
thinking of you like I am all the while.

I love you baby with all my heart
I know this poem ain't much but at least it is a start!

By Atiyyah Afzal

I was inspired by a trip I took many years ago to Tunisia where I saw my first waterfall and I fell in love with how falling water could be so beautiful. I then thought love should be like this. Even as water falls from their eyes. They should still be beautiful to you.

Every teardrop that falls from your chin,
I will catch in the palms of my hand,
Until I cup a whole waterfall.
Have you ever seen a waterfall?
Even as it weeps,
It is still beautiful.