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Hello! My name is Holly Tegeler Morgan and I have been writing poetry since Junior high. I was inspired to write by my English teacher at the time, who just happened to be my best friends mom. We are STILL best friends to this day. I am a single mother of four beautiful children and a full time college student! I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. I am also a 3 year survivor of Inflammatory Breast Cancer! All these things make me the person I am today.

A Love Like Ours

A love like ours
so precious, so rare

Your love to me
is like the air

Needed to live
so much to give

Surrounds my soul
a once dark hole

That never I thought
would feel love again

I had given up hope
of ever trusting a man

To hold my heart
within their hand

Pleading them not to shatter
the dreams we once shared

Only to suddenly feel
like they never cared

I now know
there is a man

That can hold my heart
within his hand

And love all the pieces
left behind from before

And piece it back together
never have I loved more

This one man
is all I will ever need

Just me and my true love
from now ''til eternity

Holly Tegeler Morgan
April 7, 2010


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Published: March 2011

Rating: 3.93

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle