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True Love

True love is something so elusive that many refuse to accept that it exists. Their incredulity is understandable considering what a me-first world we live in. When people seek only to please themselves, they will never be capable of finding true love. True love is self sacrificing. True love is not blind to faults, but it is willing to look for the best in others, focus on their good qualities. True love is not principally about receiving, but rather true love looks for opportunities to give. True love between two people is the most precious of gifts. It is the one of the few things left in this world that can endure an entire lifetime, for true love is stronger even than death.

10 True Love Poems - Beautiful Love Poems For Your True Love

By Tyler Lawrence

My love is for a girl whom I've let down too many times in the past through actions of selfishness. I was faithful, but my actions and involvement with the wrong crowd will forever remain the reason it didn't last the way I'm sure we both once wanted it too... and the way I still do now. I do not live with regret, I can only hope that by bettering myself someday both she and God will allow me a chance I know in my heart would be the last I'll ever need.

Some distance lies between us now,
In all aspects of the word,
Over mountain tops, yet under clouds,
Your whispers are still heard,

Hundreds of miles in between,
My very self and yours,
Yet I can feel you here right by my side,
Like the times spent by the shore,

There's a light in you that always glows,
And I've seen it through dark brush,
Your natural guidance lifts my soul,
And leads me through untouched,

You're the sense of sun following the rain,
And the light that casts all day,
Come dusk, you provide me with some shade,
And steal my dreams away,

Feelings of betrayal, greed, defiance;
Traits I'll forget to know,
Of all this world's demons and tyrants,
They'll never stop your glow,

There's your hand again,
Slipping deep into my soul,
Steady stretching towards my heart,
To warm what I've left cold,

Your light casts down, in the form of rays,
To assist where I've been wrong,
And your voice echoes over the land,
Sounds like the sweetest song,

Your will to love, care and help,
Pure like your very soul,
I've been lost and found in your eyes before,
Don't doubt the fact I know,

Your innocent, sweet, and loving,
True, honest and sincere,
Your everything I've known you were,
Since the day God sent you here,

There's your hand again,
Turning my life's light on,
And I used to think it was I, reaching,
When it's been you all along...

By Benjamin M. Whaley

The poem describes how I found true love and the treasure it truly amounts to in my heart.

The treasure found in true love, compares to no value envisioned by the human eye.
It is an emotional gleam that was discovered by the heart, that will never dwindle or ever even die.
It is not just a word we say, but a bond we together will always treasure since it is true.
Because the word we say which is love, is defined not by any words but with hearts like me and you.

By Heather Simcox

The Love Of My Life

A day to remember
I remember that very special day.
The day you walked into my life
And captivated my heart. And you
Took my breath away.
That day was so special to me, because
I got the chance to see you smile.
The chance to see that look in your eyes
The look that said I love you.
Each night when I went to bed I would
Lay my head back down, and I would pray,
Lord, don't let this be a dream because I
Know lord you brought him into my life.
And he's my only hope.
There was an empty place inside of my soul
It's the place that i've tried to fill over and over
And then that day my day to remember, when you
Became part of my life, you filled that empty place
And made my life complete.
And now my vow to you is to always love you no
Matter how bad things get. And to always be there
For you in good times and in bad. And to be your
Eternal soul mate.
Thank you for that very special day, a day to remember........ I love you...........

By Elizabeth

I love sharing my poems. Hope you enjoy

To find a love so strong and so true
it can send you to the moon
It is in everything you say or do
all because your love is so true

To find a true love is sometimes rare
you go through a lot to show you care
sometimes you do things the wrong way
only because you wanted some say

You run and run till you try to find
that person who is always on your mind
places you go are in your mind
while all along times still moves on

You start to wonder if it is for real
because now it is harder to deal
Your love in your soul is searching
for the special place it needs to heal

it is the place where you felt you belong
a place you felt at ease
Seeing a smile that warms your heart
to looking into your true loves eyes
is something to me that is so divine

all because he is always on my mind
they say time heal everything
but to heal a true love will take forever
so I will wait to the end of time

By Abdelkrim Gueniche

The woman for who I write this poem is my life. She haunts me every day and night. She lives in other country but I have hope someday we will live together on the reciprocal love. She is a good woman and I'm blessed to have her in my life.

if love can dry your tears
if love can comfort your fears
if love can bring you a smile
if love can make your life worth-while
if love can change your desert green
if love can push away your pain
if love can make you fly on a moving carpet
if love can let you see a magical sunset
if love can bloom your heart with rainbow
if love can let you sing like a yellow
if love can break your loneliness
if love can fill your emptiness
if love can refresh your soul
if love can make you feel complete and whole
if love can bring a sparkle into your eyes
if love can show you the world wonderful and nice
for eternity I will love you.

By Eleanor-Rose

This is because it reminded me of someone I fell for :)

He is the murmur of my heart
Every little beat part by part,
He is the echo in my mind
Ever so sweet and ever so kind,
He is the blood running through my veins
Every little stabbing pain,
He is the lungs that keep me breathing
Enduring pain and grieving,
He is my eyes that let in light
And that pleasure me with many delights,
He is the living soul within me
The light that lets me see,
He is
my one and only.

By Raiza Rafols

I wrote this poem for my ex-boyfriend when we were still together. I'm carrying his baby right now. Too late to find out that he still has a wife! For 1 year of being together, I never found out that they were not yet separated. Anyway, I wrote this poem before I found out everything about him. But I'm already carrying his child. I'm living my own life now and never talked to him again.

Time runs so fast,
Everything seems in a rush.
It happens like a lightning,
Oh sure! it was ecstatic but frightening!

Yesterday we were friends,
Today we are lovers.
Yesterday we like each other,
Today we are crazy about each other.

I can just imagine the heart-breaking reaction of my mom,
when I'll say soon her dear daughter will be a mom.
Thinking about it makes my heart torn apart,
and I could not stand seeing her being hurt.

So Dear, I may leave,
but my love for you will never fade.
I'll be back just to wind up a little bit,
So I'll say, "pls. wait".

I am looking at the clouds at the zenith,
Thinking of what life I would have when you're with?
It may not be as easy as what you think,
but as long as you love me, I know I won't sink.

By Annabelle Sears

Everyone dreams of love. It is a connection to another's soul. Love immortal and true, I love one. He may not be my true love. But this poem is what I believe will be when I find the one and end my search. Thanks for reading.

I lay in the arms of my Lover
Dreaming of what we have yet to discover
As I stare into his eyes
My heart cries
What is this feeling?
This feeling of revealing
My love for you
Who knew
Who knew I would fall so fast
You my first and last
Innocent as it is
I lay in his
His arms again
Forever I will remain
As we begin to uncover
With my one true Lover

By Maria Welch

I wrote this about a guy i thought i loved.

From the moment I saw you,
I couldn't believe my eyes,
I knew it was love at first sight,
and then the moment we met,
I even fell in more love,
I couldn't stop but to think of you each and everyday,
I couldn't stop but to think if you felt the same way,
every-time we hugged I got the butterflies,
and every-time you looked at me,
I couldn't help but to smile,
and when I would have the worse days of my life,
you were always there to turn it up right,
but never forget I will always truly love you

By Sonya Rose

Who knows love over time?
Hearts cry in open rhyme.
Birds sing in the night
As sun screams for light-
Drums relax; tempt to beat:
Together, soaring summer heat.
Winds are dancing; freely moving.
Sea between souls is grooving-
Yesterdays yearning, temptations toss:
Pages of photos become our loss.
Im sitting by a familiar stranger.
Waiting next to him, drawn to danger.
Hands glide over two in a plane;
Windows and rain.
He now knows he must love somehow,
Again, someone new, someone now;
But, he cant seem to find-
True love; shes always in his mind.