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Falling in Love

What does Falling in Love Feel Like? Falling in love is not just an expression. When a girl falls in love the world stops. She falls into a new world with only two people. Her and her lover. Falling in love poems are for that heart throbbing moment when you know you are the luckiest person in the world.

Poem of the Week
By E.K.S.

I recently wrote this poem for the guy I've been seeing. Our relationship was never serious until after I wrote this for him. He was so touched after reading it that he cried!! That was probably the best night of my life =)

Once upon a time
Without a reason or a rhyme
I met a man who stole my heart
I should have known it from the start.

It became hard to pretend
That we could merely just be friends
For when I looked into his eyes
I always lifted my disguise.

One day it surely seemed
That this is always what we've dreamed
And somewhere deep inside
We could no longer hide.

It started with a kiss
Which was definitely bliss
Could it really be
This man has taken hold of me?

We carried on this way
Until eventually one day
I told him how I felt
I almost thought my heart would melt.

I'm not exactly sure
Of what God has in store
But I know this much is true
Baby, I'm crazy about you.

You opened up in me
Another side I couldn't see
You can steal my heart away
I'd hand it over any day.

Maybe some day soon
In the soft light of the moon
I can steal your breath away
There'd be no more words to say.

Because I want to make you mine
I don't want to wait in line
I want to give the world to you
Don't want to be your number two.

I'd rather wait and see
If this insanity in me
Will ever make me die
Because I just can't say goodbye.

I need you by my side.
Let me take you for a ride.
I'll love you until forever,
The time is now or never...†

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Rating: 4.23

Votes: 147

Poem of the Week
By Rennee Ritchie

I wrote this poem when I was in high school and first fell in love. This poems was written for the man I have called my high school sweetheart, best friend, and husband for 10 yrs now.

Weíre surrounded by candles. The only noise we can hear is the wind and that sounds like Angels singing to us.
Then you gracefully and slowly lean towards me. I lean towards you. Are lips meet....your kiss whispers a thousand words. You slowly ands romantically run your hands along my body. Surprisingly I am not nervous. I am actually very calm.
Not a thought on my mind. Nothing but you. As we slowly fall to the bed. I wish this night would never end. Just you holding me closely. I close my eyes. All I see is you and me in the future. Still holding each other, not wanting to ever let go. Not willing to.
Then all of a sudden I opened my eyes. Your no longer holding me. Your no longer with me. I am alone in my room. Alone in my bed. It all was a dream? But how? It was so real! I felt you right next to me. I close my eyes quickly hoping when I opened them youíll be there. As I open them itís just me alone in my bed.
Why do dreams have to be so perfect? So real? Why do dreams have to be so painful when you come back to reality?
There is nothing to do now but fall back to sleep and have a more realistic dream?

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Rating: 4.21

Votes: 14

This is about expressing your love and hopes, but also conveying that you see difficulties on the way to true happiness, and you are asking the person next to you to be strong, to believe in you, and to help you through the tough moments, so in the end you will together reach your Heaven.

I can't get enough of you when you speak to me softly
When you kiss my bare neck with your soft lips
I can't stop myself, I fall in love with you slowly
Again and again, it feels the world stops to exist

The river is high and it overflows with emotion
The sea is so deep just like your brown eyes
I just want to escape with you, run far away, run till the pain is all over
So we can lay down on the grass and just look at the sky

Don't you know that for us the sky is the limit?
Don't you know how happy we'll be if they just let us be?
We can climb mountains together and at some point nothing will matter
All that will matter is that I have you and that you have me

Now would you take my hand and take me to heaven?
Take me to some place where they will let us belong
Make me forget the world as if it did not matter
Stand by me, help me be strong

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Rating: 4.18

Votes: 38

By Mary-Ann

I've always chosen impossible relationships, knowing deep down that it could / would never work because of my fear of being hurt. I would give part of myself, but never completely & utterly surrender to that love. Then I met Martin (whom had similar commitment issues), we became friends and after 6 months realized we were falling for one another. This will be my first, "proper" relationship. We're both learning to trust & to give. I'm scared to death but I think he's worth the risk!

I look into your eyes
My heart starts to race
My breathing rapidly increases
My bodyís in a state
Yet Ö
Iím in heaven!

What is happening to me?
It feels as if I'm losing my mind
Do I take this chance at love?
Or do I run and hide?

Youíre in my thoughts day and night
Iím fighting these feelings with every ounce inside
Knowing very well that I have plenty to hide

But you see right through
No wall too thick or too tall
I feel vulnerable
I feel bare

How I long for your touch
For the taste of your luscious lips
For the safe haven you provide
When you wrap your arms around me

I am falling for you
Falling hard and fast
It feels as though Iím looking at this
From one dizzy height
A mixture of excitement & fear
Whenever you are near

Today Iím taking a stand
I will be brave and give love a chance
Despite the fear & uncertainty
I want to be a part of you
I want to be a part of your life

Here I am, take my hand
For I am fragile & scared
Iím putting all my trust in you
For I have fallen Ö
I have fallen for you!

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Rating: 4.1

Votes: 83

By Courtney Bleu

The feeling, the memories of love often interrupt daily pursuits, though, would anyone want it any other way?

It begins again.
I am in the office,
Working on several things at once,
Always trying to stay busy.
Because every momentary pause
Allows it to begin again

Your whispered thoughts
Dance around my remembering
How you persuaded my lips to smile
While my yearnings,
Twisted flames leaping atop candles,
Burned through that table of white linen

Copier paper cuts disrupt
Zephyrs of my counterfeited daydream
Resetting my errant path, quantifiably
Altering proficiency until someoneís music
Tenderly presses notes into my heart
And it begins again

In the hallway my turn becomes a twirl
And my steps slide into a samba
Across the narrow courtyard
Where you worked my body
And played nice with my mind
As my resistance nuzzled next to your affection

Until a misaligned manuscript topples floorward,
Snapping me head up, eyes open
A fully conscious worker bee
Moving desk to office to chair to colleague
Brushing against me, hard muscle under soft shirt
And it begins again

Office currents collect and redirect
How the essence of a breezy salacious scent
Slip-slides beneath my nose, teases my mind,
Sends me on a cloud nine float of who cares
Where Iíll land tomorrow, so long
As I land on you tonight, to begin it all again

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Rating: 4.06

Votes: 16

By David Yearwood

When you fall in love, it's a wonderful thing, expressing your feelings are vital and confirms your love for that person, this poem helps you do that.

When I fell in love with you, my heart was on fire,
to be with you was my one desire.
A lifetime of promises and a world full of dreams,
for only my heart knows what it means to me.

One love, two hearts, makes us complete,
now my love is lost in your heart and soul.
Honey when Iím alone, youíre the one I miss.
and your sweet tender love, is hard to resist.

Looking upon the stars, wishing with all my heart,
hoping someday, you will realize this passion I hold inside.
Honey it doesnít cost a dime. It's here waiting for you,
I feel truly blessed, this feeling is way down inside.

I know this love, will guide me, only to you,
thatís how it feels to be in love with you.
For thoughts from the heart are here for you,
words from my heart, I'll always love you!

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Rating: 4.02

Votes: 106

By Arianna Roselli

I wrote this to my boyfriend, and I want to give it to him. but I don't know how. Do I give it to him with a kiss? Well, I'll give it to him anyway because I love him. <3

If I fall, will you catch me?
If I cry, will you hold me?
If I hurt you, will you ever forgive me?
We don't live that far apart,
We could see each other everyday if we wanted,
But baby that will never happen.
If you fall, I will be right there to catch you.
If you cry, I will be right there to comfort you.
If you hurt me, I will always forgive you.
Because I really love you.
I fell in love from the moment I laid eyes on you.
You are always on my mind.
I can't ever stop thinking of you.
I always tell my friends about you.
Baby, you are the love to my heart,
and you are the sun when I wake up in the morning,
and you are the moon when I fall asleep at night.
You are the stars shining down on me,
You are the angels up above me.
You are the love of my life,
And I hope you feel the same way about me.
Because I never want to lose you,
I talk to you everyday,
and everynight before bed,
and when I fall asleep,
You are ALWAYS in my dreams.
I don't know if there is a way to get you out of my head.
But I don't ever want to forget about you.
Because you are the love of my life.
You are the one and only.
I never thought of being in love,
until the day I met you.
You are so amazing and I love you so much,
I hope you love me,
because you are the most important person in my life.

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Rating: 4

Votes: 108

By Madeline Vargas

This poem was written at three in the morning. I couldn't sleep thanks to the fact of early day memories. When someone tells you that they're in love with you, you begin to see the world differently (that's if you love them too). That's what had happened to me. He was my inspiration for this poem, and he still is!

You're the lit candle in my darkness; The moon in my night sky.
You're the truth in my lies; The faith in my doubt.
You're everything to me and that's how it's always gonna be.

You're the love in my heart and the smile on my face.
You're the butterflies in my stomach I get whenever I hear your name.
You're everything to me and that's how it's always gonna be.

You're the happiness in my thoughts and the joy in my dreams.
Never doubt baby that your love is everything my eyes can see.

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Rating: 4

Votes: 68

By David Yearwood

The effects of being in love, a beautiful thing, can be described in many ways with the beauty all around us, and since I started loving you all things have changed, I love you!

Rainbows form, way in the sky,
Every songís a lullaby.
In the air the breeze is warm,
Gently blowing through the trees.

Flowers bloom, with love around,
Beauty of spring is in the air.
Love will blossom, in our hearts,
Since I started loving you.

Butterflies float, way in the air,
Happiness i see, rather than fear.
Nature starts to sing,
what wonderful joy her voice do bring.

Robins fly, squirrels climb,
White doves are not, in a hurry to fly.
Sunshine shines, the skies of blue
Since I''ve started loving you

My soul is Inspired,
my heart in control.
My destination I see,
Since I''ve started loving you!

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Rating: 4

Votes: 34

From my truthful heart flows my love.... With my pen I speak it all. My pen , the extension of my soul, In you, my unwritten thoughts flow. My pen is my voice The passage of my heart, of my every thought, Of words, just whispering in my heart, Of words, Iím scared to confess, They say, pen is mightier than a sword Yes, through you, I can say everything, Word for word. _Snow_

Seeking solace with my pen
Flowing all my unspoken words
All my thoughts, all my dreams
I know my heart will love you until the end.

In my dream, I will see you through
From dawn I will be waiting
Until dusk, I will be there too.

Soaring high on the wings of my dreams
Flying free to an abode of possibilities
Either a fantasy or a reality
It wonít matter to me.

In my dreamland where I wake up
With my first thought and
My last thought was of you.

And when the soft touch of sunrise awakens me
I get my pen and scribe everything
All my dreams, all my love, a life with you
Be my last heartbeat ends with you
I love you.

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Rating: 4

Votes: 19

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle