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Valentines Day Poems

Your Valentine is your lover. Valentines Day is set aside to celebrate love. There's love and romance in the air. Everywhere you go there's chocolate and candy. If you don't have someone to share your love with, this may be a day to stay in bed. Or it may be the day to make that call that you have been thinking about for a long time. If you're miserable about not being in relationship, get out of bed, pick up the phone, and do something about it.

7 Valentines Day Poems - Send Valentine Messages To Your Lover

By April Quinlan

I wrote this poem for my loving Husband, CJ, for Valentines Day, and I think it says it all.

Our souls were one when time began.
When God was busy creating both earth and man.

Then came the day He tore us apart,
Forever making us, each others, ďsplit apartĒ.

He chiseled your name upon my heart,
Before sending us down for our lives to start.

Years would go by and the hour grow late,
Destiny beaconed and called upon fate.

Life came full circle for our two souls to meet.
We take not for granted this miraculous feat.

For God had a plan at the beginning of time,
That would bring our hearts together rejoining your soul and mine.

Once what was one, was made into two.
I know in my heart, Iím not complete without you.

Now what was made two, has again become one.
Just as we were even before time begun.

--April M. Quinlan
Happy Valentines Day CJ
February 2011

By Lamar Sharper

To my baby CMR I love her this is for you baby

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And I love you

Your smile is amazing
Your beauty so true
Your eyes shine like stars
They will see our love through

You're a gift from the angels
They made you in heaven
The girl that I dreamt about
Since I was eleven

You came in to my life
And you turned it upside down
You're an absolute princess
Worthy of more then a crown

I promise you everything
Everything I have to give
I promise to love you
As long as I live

You're my absolute world
You mean everything to me
You're perfect
And you always shall be

By Sam Burley

I am currently 15. I have liked a few girls in my time and so far I have only been ''out'' with two girls but the relationships were not real, as it were. I normally tell a lot of people who I like. But after I told them, I realized that I don't actually like them truly (does this show they are not the right girl). Well anyway there is a girl I currently like and I have told someone that I like her and that has just made my love stronger. I think I actually love her.

Should my love never be granted?
With your delicate red lips,
I will cry but I will know,
That I have loved an angel
Should you cry I will have that shoulder
If you were to fall, my hand be there
I will gaze at your beauty
As the sun shines against your delicate skin
For me you are so beautiful
For me you are the meaning of angel
When I see you smile, my smile creeps in
For when you cry the storms come in
You have shown me that if I die today
Then I can be glad for seeing the true elegance of beauty

It is Valentineís Day and I hope as you read this,
I will get the pleasure of seeing a smile on your face.

By Leon Quinn

If I were a Sculptor, itís you I would shape.
If I were a Painter, itís you I would paint.
If I were a Singer, to you I would sing,
Of the feelings inside me, that your love brings.
If I were a Doctor, itís you I would heal.
If I were a Robber, itís you I would steal.
If I were a Poet, to you I would write.
But words wonít explain, what you mean in my life.
If I were a Christian, itís God I would thank.
For your love overcomes me, as a river bursts bank.
If I were a Dove, to you I would fly,
One love Ė together, never to dieÖ

For Eimear on Valentines Day..


To my wife. I was lost, rudderless, and floundering until I met you.

Pondering deeply thoughts of the one
Who has enticed my mind and captured my heart.
I sit quietly picking my ideas apart,
Thinking of words to say to the one who placed the Sun
Up in the sky above my world,
Brightened my path that had gotten hurled
Beneath the troubles and sorrows that stumble
A man on his way to learning to love.
She showed me the Light that comes from above,
Taught me how to cry, care, and be humble,
Started the fire within my soul,
Eased my burdens by helping to carry the load.
She pointed the true direction to the only road
Out of the darkness and made me whole.
She completes me as a man, this beautiful lass.
Words can't describe the softness of her touch
Or describe to you how I love her so much
Her kindness shines like polished brass.
Happy Valentine's Day my dear.
May all of your dreams come true
And may God continue to show you
How to be lighthouse of hope and cheer.

By Cheryl Alexander

My military husband have deployed many times in our 17 years of marriage. I wrote this poem to let him know that no matter how far he goes, I will be there.

Barricades dare not hold me back,
Even if they're a ten feet stack.

Mile long roads, I'd walk each one,
Yield signs, stop signs; I shall run.

Voltaged fences, I shall climb,
All with pride if you'd be mine.
Locks and chains; I'd break right through,
Excluding tools; my hands will do.
Nothing stops a willful mind, no
Torment of the strongest kind.
Increase the pain, love bares it all,
Needless torture; price is small.
Escaped from all the pain afflicted,
I'd find you..just as predicted.

By Ryan W. Bradley

inside of us
is a cathedral
built of organs,
ribcages for walls,
and secreted inside,
our hearts
where belief
is waiting.

it will be made
vital, lifting,
from strains
of beauty
traveling our veins.

when I knock
let me in,
let us build