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Poems for Boyfriends

Your boyfriend fills your needs, enriches your life, and makes you so happy. You want to share your feelings with him. You NEED to tell him how you feel, but you can't. Love Poetry for Boyfriends are for those special times when you need poetry to express yourself.

Poem of the Week
By Nicole Le Blanc

Nicole Le Blanc....age 16 young..and talented. I write daily well I try to. I often write about things that going on in my life at that moment or what hurt me.

I love you and I'm here to stay,
that is what you always say,
Kiss me and I can barely breathe,
Sending bolts into my knees,
Distance draws us far apart,
Passion still bleeding in my heart,
Love divine and oh so true,
Hoping that you feel it too,
I dreamt about you twice last night,
Standing there and holding you tight,
Keeping your hands on my waist,
I still remember how you taste,
I love you I need you that's what you say,
The snow starts falling and the sky turns grey,
I laugh and kiss you and say how could I leave,
The only place I want you is right next to me,
Then suddenly you're gone and I start to cry,
Waking up with tears in my eyes,
Rolling over to kiss you face,
But you're not there and my heart starts to race,
Right now I need you more than most,
To hear you breath, to kiss your nose,
Just to lay there watching you dream,
But you're not hear I just want to scream,
I sit there now not able to sleep,
My hands are shaking and I start to weep,
I can still see you there, snow falling in your face,
Watching the sky turn from blue to grey,
I think about it for awhile longer,
Wishing I could be much stronger,
That beautiful dream turned into a nightmare,
Most of it was fuzzy but your face was so clear,
And suddenly it hits me,
Like a car going sixty,
I sit there and smile for the longest time,
Dreams aren't real and I know your mine.

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Rating: 4.21

Votes: 97

Poem of the Week
By Jessica Sings

hi I'm jess, I'm 17 and this is a poem for my amazing boyfriend Dan x

I used to dream of someone like you,
To hold me tight and see me through,
To love my eyes and love my smile,
And when I'm scared stay with me a while,
But now I've got you I donít know what to do,
It's amazing this feeling I have for you,
When I look at you my heart melts to the floor,
Everyday I love you more and more,
When life gets me down your always there,
A good heart like yours is very rare,
Youíre my world youíre my universe my star,
I would never change a thing that you are,
All my worries and problems disappear,
When you hold me in your arms I have no fear,
The only fear I have thatís true,
Is living my life without someone like you.

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Rating: 4.13

Votes: 269

Poem of the Week
By Julie Jackson

This poem is for my boyfriend

Your eyes so brown
Looking down at me
The way my heart sank
To my knees

You made me feel
So loved, so real
I tried to hide it
But my heart revealed

You always called
No matter the time
Whether it was dark
Or sunshine

You left messages
Every minute of the day
Even if you werenít
That far away

The way you hold me
So comforting, so tight
This feels like heaven
So real, so right

When your lips touched mine
I was falling head over heels
When it was over
I was longing for it still

Youíre not like
The guys in the past
You take things slow
And donít move too fastÖ.

You're one of a kind
And donít care what your friends say
Youíll drop plans for me
Anytime of the day

You hold my hand
And open the door
Iíve never had a boyfriend
Like you before

You always say you love me
Before I hang up the phone
And text me good morning
Before the sun has even shone

You work three jobs
And I know thatís tough
Watching people battle sickness
I know thatís gotta be rough

Somehow through life
We found each other
I donít know how
But that doesnít matter

I know that we
Are meant to be
Happily ever after
Together you and me

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Rating: 4.12

Votes: 90

By Arianna Roselli

I wrote this to my boyfriend, and I want to give it to him. but I don't know how. Do I give it to him with a kiss? Well, I'll give it to him anyway because I love him. <3

If I fall, will you catch me?
If I cry, will you hold me?
If I hurt you, will you ever forgive me?
We don't live that far apart,
We could see each other everyday if we wanted,
But baby that will never happen.
If you fall, I will be right there to catch you.
If you cry, I will be right there to comfort you.
If you hurt me, I will always forgive you.
Because I really love you.
I fell in love from the moment I laid eyes on you.
You are always on my mind.
I can't ever stop thinking of you.
I always tell my friends about you.
Baby, you are the love to my heart,
and you are the sun when I wake up in the morning,
and you are the moon when I fall asleep at night.
You are the stars shining down on me,
You are the angels up above me.
You are the love of my life,
And I hope you feel the same way about me.
Because I never want to lose you,
I talk to you everyday,
and everynight before bed,
and when I fall asleep,
You are ALWAYS in my dreams.
I don't know if there is a way to get you out of my head.
But I don't ever want to forget about you.
Because you are the love of my life.
You are the one and only.
I never thought of being in love,
until the day I met you.
You are so amazing and I love you so much,
I hope you love me,
because you are the most important person in my life.

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Rating: 4

Votes: 108

By Taleah

Only he can understand me

No one loves me like you do
I've never felt like this
you please me in so many ways
with a word, a caress, a kiss

No one understands me like you do
you see me deep inside
you choose to overlook my flaws
the ones I try to hide.

No one satisfies me like you do
when our bodies intertwine
you give me so much with your tender touch
you're amazing and you're mine.

No one loves me like you do
you fulfill my every need
and that is why my darling
I'll follow wherever you lead.

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Rating: 3.99

Votes: 69

By Hailey Prainito

The simplest things a boyfriend can do, mean the world to people like me and you. Just a few things of a billion and 2, at written to be shared, from me to you.

The things you do, so simple and true.
Like waking up to good morning text messages from you.
They give me goosebumps.
When you call me baby.
I can't help but smile.
Our random girlfriend/boyfriend moments.
They tingle my skin.
The way you say, "I love you."
It gives me butterflies.
Your laughter.
Music to my ears.
Your smile.
It brightens up my entire day.
My point is,
The simplest things you do,
mean the world to me.
I love you


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Rating: 3.98

Votes: 41

This is to my amazing boyfriend . He's my world. I want to marry him and spend the rest of my life by his side. I love you babe 6.13.2010 till the end of time

You are my everything
My heart and soul
I thought I couldn't love no more
then you proved me wrong
When I'm lost in a world of darkness
You always bring light
You chase away the pain
That I always feel chasing me
You are my strength
That make me get up every morning
You are my hope
When I feel like giving up
You are my healer
You have healed all my scars
and wiped away my tears
You are my beautiful angel
sent from above
When I thought everything was going wrong
You stood by my side and helped me
You came into my life
And my heart you did mend
Your my joy
that fills all my pain
You made my life whole
when it was torn apart
When I found you
You sent me free from everything
Your my heart
That heaven sent
You mean so much to me
Your the only one that adore
You are everything
I couldn't ask for more
You and Me
are meant to be
In my dreams and in my heart
We have something that cant be torn apart
Dreaming about you, makes my night worth while
thinking of you constantly make me smile
There's not a day that I don't think about you
No even one sec or one min
You are the one
Whenever I'm with you I still get butterflies
Having you is the best thing
Having you is the only thing I want
Till the end of the time
I want you to be mine all mine
I love you boo
Your are one of a kind
That's why you stay on my mind
I love you more and more
When I talk to you or hear your voice it brightens my day
I have finally opened up to you
Now I feel I can share things with you comfortably
I love the way you laugh, smile, the way you talk to me
I love everything about you

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Rating: 3.96

Votes: 84

By Gabrielle

This is a poem for this guy that I really like, but he barely even knows I exist.

Can you not see?
Can you not love me?
Your eyes follow her across the room,
But she will never love you,
You have an attitude so delightful,
Though I only notice it once a while,
Your smile is like the sun,
Your heart surely has room for more than one,
I pray you see me one day,
I pray you not only see me,
I pray that someday you will love me,
as I have always loved you.

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Rating: 3.93

Votes: 14

By Jessica Stockinger

I want to dedicate this song to my boyfriend. He's my first and I love him with all my heart. He makes me feel alive and I don't know what I'd do without him.

I see the moon, shining bright in the night sky and I think of you
And all the good times, and the bad
I think of you and lose my breath thinking
How easy it was to fall in love with you

I close my eyes and I see your face
So perfect and complete
No other soul could ever compete

Because the love I have for you isnít a mystery
It may have been destiny
Maybe it was just two friends who fell in love
Whatever it is I donít want this feeling to end

I never knew it could be like this
When we kiss sparks fly
When we touch itís all but chemistry
And the look in your eyes
Send shivers running down my spine

When our lips intertwine
It stirs a fire deep down in my soul
I can feel it all the way down to my toes
Whatever the feeling
Iím glad that you are with me
Because Iím gonna love you for all time

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Rating: 3.91

Votes: 58

By Desiree Sanders

I wrote this poem to my boyfriend after dating him for about a year. My feelings for him were true and still are...

There once was a time, life seemed so dull,
You were a light, you made life full.

From the moment we woke up,
Till the time we went to sleep;
We were on top of our communication,
Each others interests, we could keep!

I know my love was unconditional,
I know it had no end;
However, I never thought my heart,
Would be this difficult to mend!

I love you like no other,
And those feelings will never change;
No matter the amount of time apart,
You will never leave my range.

What good would it do...
If I were to hold a grudge?
I'm learning healing & forgiveness,
But sacrificing my self respect.. I cannot budge!

If I didn't care about morals,
Or the person I use to be;
Than I'd be on the path to self destruction...
Where "Rock Bottom," is all I see!

Honesty is the foundation,
Without, it will fade fast;
Without the strength of Honesty...
It is something that will never last!

Desiree Sanders 11/17/2009.

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Rating: 3.9

Votes: 40

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle