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What can make an average person turn poet? Yes, even the most cynical, unromantic people will find themselves yielding under the influence of love. We say things and do things that we once labeled cheesy. We even enjoy it! This is the spell love casts. Flowers, candlelight dinners, stuff of movies become reality. Though we may have a tendency to suppress what we feel, in the end it is impossible because, sooner or later, the heart always does what it wants to. Emotions, some new and some nearly forgotten, begin to surface after having germinated, grown and spread their roots in us. It feels surreal at times, but we must recognize that, although not perfect, it is real, beautiful love.

10 Cute Love Poems - Sweet Poems For The One You Love

By Paul Hughes

Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep
and so couldn’t meet me for dinner.
I dated Snow White, but try as I might,
nothing I did worked to win her.
Gretel, sweet petal, she munched on my house,
it made her so terribly sick.
I think she’d have made quite a wonderful spouse.
She choked on a fragment of brick!
Then Cinderella ran off with some fella,
I haven’t heard word of her since.
The ugliest sister said if I would kiss her,
she’d give me the name of the Prince.
I tried to hook up with Rapunzel
It’s obvious she didn’t care.
It’s simply no use, she just made the excuse,
every night, she was washing her hair.
I thought I was doomed to be lonely,
condemned to be always alone;
my love life a tale of “if onlys”
it chilled me right down to the bone.
But Goldilocks came to my rescue.
I’ll ask her to wed me, tonight.
She’ll not break my heart like the rest do.
She’s beautiful, perfect, “just right!”

By Justin Germino

Seeing her picture in our high school yearbook
I couldn’t help myself, I just had to look

Now I was motivated more than ever
To pick up the phone and just call her

But how would she be, after all these years
Would she be married, I uncovered my fears

I dialed the phone, my nerves beyond instability
Amazed that my fingers worked and had the agility

My skin felt sunburnt as my blood rushed
At first just silence, her voice was hushed

Like a wolf howling at the moon in accompaniment
Shaking, I could barely contain my excitement

With a perspicacity that was astounding
I could hear her audibly remembering

She was pleasantly shocked alright
But she agreed to meet me tonight

I waited now with chocolate and flowers
Just passing the time, counting the hours

I rush to the place where we set to meet
Moving so fast I nearly tripped over my feet

My heart stopped, she looked like a princess
And all I wanted to do was give her a kiss

When she saw me, a most delightful smile appeared
A frog in my throat, my greeting came out weird

With a gesture that was obsequiousness
I shook her hand with a lingering caress

I knew then that for the rest of my life
From morning to twilight she would be my wife

By Yandinna Marie Smyth

Have you ever heard the quote ''I was blind- but now I can see''? Well...This saying is what best describes my inspiration for this poem! Before I met my husband I had been engaged twice, was sexually and physically abused and suffered depression! And for all of this I am grateful. Why? you ask, well...Because...I have come to realize- my past has made me who I am today and is also what brought my husband & I together! I wrote this poem for my husband on our first date"

You are my first thought of every morning
and my last of every night,
You are the safety in my darkness
and the brightness in my light,

Your face is sheer perfection
your kisses a delight,
Your looks make me want you more
you are just a perfect sight,

I only hope you love me
as much as I love you,
''Cause you and I we're meant to be
as One instead of Two!

By Brandon Harrington

I was a senior in high school when I met her. We started as friends and because of my lack of courage we never became anything more. I look back and see how big of a mistake it was to not just tell her, the worst part being that I knew she liked me as well. To this day I still can't replace the feelings I had/have for her, so I've been waiting for 3 years for a second chance. I think I've finally been given that chance at the age of 21, and I hope my dream of having her comes true

I wish I may
I hope I might,
dream upon
my wish tonight.

I cannot wake
until I see,
what my soul
would like for me.

I need someone
more than they know,
for with them
my heart can glow.

I wish I may
I hope I might,
get my wish...
of you tonight.

By Martin Pijanowski

To the woman I love, and what happened after she said hello.

Because you said hello
My heart has been opened,
To accept a love from someone I adore.
My soul have has been awakened,
By a light it has never seen before.

Because you said hello
I can share a life once relegated to loneliness,
Dreams once reserved to fantasy,
Thoughts once shared by no one,
But finally embraced between you and me.

Because you said hello
I have a partner in life,
Someone which to share our strife.
I have a soul mate to desire,
Someone whose love will not tire.

Because you said hello
I have found a woman,
That I did not think existed.
A woman so beyond belief,
That only a movie could have depicted.

Because you said hello
I once again feel alive,
Feeling joy and bliss,
And feel a love for the first time,
I thought did not exist.

By Wilda Morris

Maybe you think I keep you
like I keep my old shoes
because I can't bear
to break in new ones
but that's not the reason.
After all these years
you’re still a good fit,
still polished to a shine
in my eyes.
I want to be laced up with you
as long as I live.

By Ctrue

I am 14 years old...... This is a piece of my heart I'd say... I met this boy one day, and fell in love with him... I just love this person with all my heart!!!!

I was just sitting there for a while,
thinking of your smile,
I love that way you look at me tenderly,
you make me feel eternity.

When I'm with you,
I believe this to be true,
I don't have the sense of fear,
knowing that you are near.

You've showed me true love,
that you're my man from above,
I am so thankful to have you,
to you I'd say, "I LOVE YOU TOO".

By Chris

I have fallen in love with this girl. I am madly in love with her, so I wrote this poem in her honor.

Love Is:
Being common
No jealousy

There are many ways to describe love, but the biggest one of all is showing who you are and caring for that special someone.


There is such thing as love at first sight. Many don't believe it but its' true. And don't be surprised if it happens to you!

It didn't take long to realize how it would be
so tender, so real, just the guy for me
he grabbed my hand and took me by surprise
he looked into my eyes like no other guy
he saw my soul, he heard my heart
I knew we had it since the start
I tried to find at least one flaw
but it didn't work, he had it all
he looked into my eyes and that was my weakness
he stared some more and left me speechless
he touched my face
and everything seemed to have fallen in its place
I didn't know but it happened to be
that I was in love with a stranger to me
but yet it felt like I knew him from the start
because his eyes shined through the dark
I fell in love with a stranger I had only met
yet a stranger I will never forget

By Teren De'Boe

I wrote this poem because me and my baby has been together for 2 years and this is how I feel about her she is my heart and will always be my heart no matter what. This poem is for all the relationships that are real and actually takes the time out and pays attention to their mate. I love you sweeta

So many things I can say
So many things I can do
So many things I can feel
But nothing will compare to me and you

My words will never explain what I really feel
My thoughts that come to my mind..
still can't explain.
My heart can explain but can't put the words together

Two years together I know its short compared to others
but these two years together was made for each other
Everytime I see you I get butterflies
everytime I see you tears come to my eyes

You are my one and only nobody will compare
Let our hearts join as one
Let our soul combine
Let our minds wonder through this beautiful love life

So as we pray to God and ask him for guidance
Lets not be like other couples and relate to violence
I love you sweeta and you have my heart
Cant nothing or no one tear us apart

This love is so real
This love is so pure
This love is so Romantic
This love is with so much loyalty
you know why......

because it only YOU N ME