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As humans, it is only natural for us to despise loneliness. Were it not for that fact, the Internet, social networks, cities, perhaps even language would not exist. We yearn to communicate. We yearn to be understood. We yearn for companionship. Maybe this explains why it is such a challenge to get to know ourselves. We much prefer the company of others to the company of solitude. Love and relationships fill that need for companionship we all have deep in our genetic makeup. Love means having someone to share ourselves with each and every day. It leaves us feeling whole.

Poem of the Week
By Sherief Jones

I'm from Marietta Georgia I'm 18 Years old I've been writing poetry for 3 years now and I'm loving it. follow me on twitter @dxpe_Pxet

Voice touches softly like a summer's breeze
Thus feelings create
Feelings penetrate and multiply inside of our hearts
Making you feel filled with butterflies
Heart beats while your heart meets its other half
instinct takes over and you begin to touch and laugh
So untouched by the time
That has passed
Holding onto memories
Trying to recreate the past
Hoping that every moment spent together
Well forever last
Opening the doors to your heart
Allowing them to step in
And move into a vacant space
Letting them know they’ll always have that place
Looking forward to the future
Open to all new possibilities
Facing the future together
Opening a new chapter in each other life's Named together forever
Writing with the pen of love
On the pages of your heart
Each word marks the memories
Y'all both shared
From the kissing in the rain
To the love signs drew by the planes
From the strolls on the moonlit beach
To when they get down one that one knee
These are the times
That is untouched by time
These are the moments
That all of us are on our quest to find

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This is dedicated to someone who has managed to catch my eye and worm his way into my heart. Regardless of if he feels the same or not this is how I feel towards him, not quite there and I won't admit it to anyone out loud. And no matter what happens I'll stand by his side, even if it hurts me as long as he's happy.

Never before did I believe
That love could ever be real
A myth another fairy tale
A forgotten dream
Was all it was to me

But as I stare into your eyes
And you press your lips against mine
My heart stutters in my chest
My breath catches in my throat
In your arms I let myself fall

So heartbroken so alone was I
Condemning myself to my believed fate
Afraid to feel, terrified to hurt
You tore down these sacred walls
Stealing away my heart

Never did I notice it missing
For never once did I feel it beat
As it lay yours in your hands
Never did I hear my laugh a little louder
While you were the cause

These words cannot compare
To all that I feel for you
I smile bigger and laugh harder
My eyes shine brighter
Reflecting the care I feel for you

My heart beats a little faster
At the thought of you
Fireflies fill my stomach
At your mere touch
I'm falling for you more each day

And when you're lost and alone
Listen in the background
Hear my voice
Listen to me whisper
I'm falling in love with you

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This I wrote for a very special girl. She has been in my life for two and a half years, and over that time we grew very close, but things died down over the past year. I have all these things I want to say to her, but because I care so much for what we have, I tend to keep things bottled inside of me because I don't want to lose her. She is the most amazing girl in the world. If only she knew.

When I see you,
I see a girl so amazing I can't help but stare.
When I see you,
I see the one who will listen and show that she cares.

When I see you,
I see perpetual beauty that can't be outdone.
When I see you,
I see a woman who won't stop until she has won.

When I see you,
I see The essence of glory sent down from above.
When I see you,
I see the meaning of life and the meaning of love.

When I see you,
I see all that is real and what I know to be true.
When I see you,
I see the girl of my dreams and you know I mean you!

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We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle