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Poetry is power. Poems have the ability to create emotions out of words. Through poems a simple sheet of paper can change the way you think and feel. The artistic ability to craft a rhyming poem that turns words to music and can leave you feeling that your very soul has been laid bare is pure genius. Art is often inspired by love, so it is no surprise that when you couple the force poetry has with a person's most intense emotion, love, you have created something that will resonate, perhaps forever, in the deepest part of one's being.

By Desiree Sanders

This is a poem of how I felt for the man I was in love with a great deal. He inspired me and opened my mind to so many things that I never ..........

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By Theo Christo

A descriptive poem about the time when I felt so in love, it hurt.

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By Louis Gander

Do you want to know what REAL TRUE LOVE is?? THIS is it :)

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By Gayle Hutson

these are just feelings that most people have of, the love of their lives

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By Ayokunle Adeleye

In relationships, reassurances are often required during or/and after tough times.

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We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle