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Hope and Faith Love

Poems about Trust and Love

Faith is believing in something you can't see. Love requires a lot of faith. These days infidelity is rife and, frankly, this makes love much more risky than in ages past. But does it stop us? Not at all. We keep on believing in love. We keep hoping that true love, lasting love, can still be found. Once we have found someone to spend our life with, we must still trust. We must trust that the most intimate details about ourselves are safe with them. We trust that they will care for our delicate heart, taking care never to wound or break it. How sweet it is too, when the passing of time proves to us that our faith was not unfounded.

Poem of the Week
By Samantha

...what kind of guy do I want well...looking for a guy that will love me for me... please..

I'm looking for a guy
that will love me for me
that won't change me and will respect me
someone who will never break my heart
and will always be there for me
a guy that is cool with me holding his hand
next to his boys
and won't be afraid of talking about ME
to his friends about how much he really loves me

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