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I like one of my friend as she use to care for me a lot. Eventually I start feeling something for her in my heart without knowing whether it was love or something else. So one fine day I proposed her and she didn't reply anything. This is when I wrote a poem dedicated to her expressing my feelings at every step or stage of my love.

Three Stages Of My Love

© Ankush Mahajan


She is neither my girlfriend, nor my life
But she is the only one whose company I always like

Be it I am enjoying, be it I am in tension
She knows everything and I need not to mention

She cares and scolds me like a teacher
And so protects me from future disaster

Whenever I go wrong, she tries to make it right
And sometimes we do have a cute fight

She always does right with all and expects the same
And when people donít reciprocate she finds herself in vain

Sometimes she is naughty, but always caring
Sometimes she lets the things go but have lots of daring

She is just like a girl next door
Who wants love all around and nothing more

If you get a chance to talk to her once
You wonít forget her charisma for months

And finally let me tell you she is very good friend of mine
Whom I never want to lose in my life down the line


She is always welcomed in my heart's door
I don't know, its just friendship or something more

Whatever it is, I just want to give her my best
And there is GOD to take care for rest

I wish she would become mine forever
I would give all my love to her and hurt her never

When she would understand my feelings and become mine
Then we will celebrate candle lit dine with music and wine

I donít want my decision on her to be superimposing
But thatís my idiotic way of proposing

I am eagerly waiting for her answer
Until she replies, my heart is beating like a dancer

Even if she reply with no
I wonít let the love in my heart to go


Although she reply neither with no nor with yes
Still she is good friend of mine so pain is less

I wish her all the very best in her future life
And may she become the worldís luckiest wife

I pray to GOD to fulfill all her heartís desire
And always protects her from the human vampires

Whenever I had hurt her, may she forget
I wish, because of me, her eyes should never get wet

I donít mind, if she wonít talk to me for months
But in case of any problem, she should tell me at least once

I hope she will understand me
Her friendship is my success key

She is the drug that keeps me alive
And gives me strength to control my lifeís ride

These is some magic in her smile
That melts away my tensionís pile

So that was Ankushís little cute story
With lots of emotions and less of glory


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Published: February 2011

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We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle