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Short Love Poems for Him and Her

Strong relationships are characterized by people who make their significant other feel appreciated. Sometimes though, our daily routine becomes so hectic we forget this important aspect of successful relationships and begin to assume our companion feels valued. We must constantly reassure each other of the love and appreciation we feel. We must learn what touches that special person's heart. Short love poems are a perfect way to remind someone what we feel for them. Since they are short, they are memorable. They can remind someone why they fell in love, strengthening the bond that can so easily become weakened in today's unloving world. So get inspired! Write something short and sweet for the one that means the most to you.

12 Short Love Poems - Short Messages To Express Love & Passion

By Jeffrey Roy

Father of three, busy career as a caring Rn, Lover of poems and short quotes

Be happy with her
Be all that she needs
Be the man she wants
Be there for her always
Be the reason she smiles
Be a shoulder to cry on
Be a warm heart
Be loving in touch
Be the reason she laughs
Be the reason she loves you
Be as one with she and you

By Courtney Lea Braswell

I am now 18 and in love with my boyfriend. I plan to be a first grade teacher. I love kids, shopping, and being with my boyfriend.

You are the wings of my heart
in the past I have been torn apart
You picked me back up to my feet
and now my heart has a steady beat
never more will I cry
because you have helped me spread my wings and fly

By Namgyal

I am a 21 year old from India. I like reading and writing poems. This is a poem written after a true incident.

Your coming,
Like the first drops,
Touching the thirsty earth,
Creating a music,
Heard by the souls,
Opened by love,
Makes me smile beyond.

By Tina Scarnecchia

I wrote a short poem to make the man I love feel better on a hard day at was off the top of my head. I sent it in a quick response to a text message. Sometimes we need to remind the ones we love just how much they are in our thoughts.

You are the reason I get up every morning and smile,
the reason I sing when I'm alone,
the reason I sleep soundly as a child,
You, are the reason I've found home.
I love you, without reason.

By Rebecca May

This is about a boyfriend who I was madly in love with. I love writing poems when I have good inspiration.

I love you more than I love myself.
I love you more than life itself.
I love you so much you couldn't possibly understand.
I will love you forever and always.
Till death due us part.
I will love you till the moon doesn't rise and the sun doesn't set.
Please just remember that I will love you forever.

By Samantha Mitchell

this is what i would hope to see in a guy when I find true love!

The way you look into my eyes
And the warm feeling
you make me smile
No matter what happens
I know I can count on you
to be there for me
through the thick and the thin

I know that I can tell you anything
and you'll help and support me
You don't judge me on only my looks but,
for who I really am
for me
and me only

By Johnny J Svrga

Poem to the only woman that ever held my heart.

Despite our disagreements and past,
the future holds the love and trust that shall last.
With your hand in mine,
we shall walk the line,
and our lives shall flourish with love and happiness.
You fulfilled my dreams,
now I shall fulfill yours.
I love you now and forever

By Helen

For the love of my life. You mean the world to me.

Wherever you go
Wherever you are
Near or far
Together or apart
You will be forever

By Maria Welch

About my first love.

I never felt this way,
The way I feel with you,
A love that is so true,
I'm just really happy it's with you.


Love is difficult to keep alive forever

Love is just like a flower
when the time is right
it opens all doors to your heart
when you start to think it will last forever
it always starts fading away slowly
you try to do everything you can
just make it last one more day longer

By Casey Sherman

This poem is about what love can feel like. How there are good times and bad.

The life of love is a life of pain
But this life has so much to gain
There are ups and downs
But love always comes around

You seem to struggle and fall
Then someone helps you through it all
The life of love may not seem sensible
When you're in love you feel invincible

By Ian Stone

This poem reflects the sweet-tasting kiss of a husband and wife.

Let our tongues mingle
In a lover's tonic;
Let them dance whimsically
In the breeze
Of our slow, heavy breath