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Love is a gift that should never be wasted. Especially to be appreciated is the romantic love two persons may share. Being in love is a completely unique feeling. It can only be understood through experience. It is inspiring and sweet. It springs from the deepest part of one's being. Love is a powerful force that cannot be dissuaded. Love gives us the strength we need to carry on despite the direst of circumstances or the most difficult of problems. Love can even give someone the will to continue living. That is why we should take care to guard the love we have been blessed with, never letting it fade or die.

Poem of the Week
By Zachary Gagnebin

I wrote this poem to my girlfriend who has the tendency to over analyze. She follows her logic before her heart, where as I am the opposite. And it's not that I want her to change. I just think sometimes the heart should come first. The nice thing about being opposite is that we compliment each others qualities. And we can learn from each other and our unique understanding of things. All I know is that I've found someone very special.

The wheels in your mind spin at blinding speeds
The gears they burn hot as assumption you feed

You calculate an process at a dangerous rate
You look right past what could have been fate

It's hard to change ways you've all but pre-set
Head long on a fast track to pain and regret

So do one favor for yourself if you can
Slow down your logic an take a look at this man

Don't judge this books cover or try to contest
Because I follow this heart that beats in my chest

Cast logic aside and for once just confide
And release all the feeling's you've all but denied

And if storm's cloud your thoughts an logic's the same
Take hold of my hand's and will dance in the rain

Don't want you to change or forget what is you
But do me this favor to your heart be true

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Poem of the Week
By Debra Dotter Blakley

Out of this heart of love and hope there flows
wave upon spreading wave of lighted prayer
for a wealth of blessings, surrounding and supporting;
solid pathways through the mountains that
purple the horizon, and draw our eyes upward,
lights for the twists and turns that lie ahead of you
whom I love and hold against my beating heart,
you for whom my spirit aches and sings.

This is my responsibility and my honor,
to create out of the depths of my love for you
a glowing canopy of protection, woven from the strands
of all I have learned of Love and Spirit,
joy, hope and loss, courage and compassion, patience and peace,
that you may have solid ground upon which to walk
and a clear vision to sustain you on the difficult path
that is life lived upon this good earth.

Hush now little light, all will be well,
be brave, we will all walk together for awhile.
I hold you now in my arms and forever in my heart,
tender little man child, lovely baby lady,
you drowse under your blankets as whispers of the future
drawing comfort from the beating of my heart
as with quiet song I lull you toward slumber.

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The poem is from Collected Love Poems, published by Harper Perennial

These boys have never really grown into men,
despite their disguises, despite their adult ways,
their sophistication, the camouflage of their kindly smiles.
They are still up to their old tricks,
still at the wing-plucking stage. Only now
their prey answers to women's names.
And the girls, likewise, despite their disguises,
despite their adult ways, their camouflage of need,
still twist love till its failure seems not of their making;
something grotesque migrates hourly
between our different needs,
and is in us all like a poison.
How strange I've not understood so clearly before
how liars and misers, the cruel and the arrogant
lie down and make love like all others,
how nothing is ever as expected, nothing is ever as stated.
Behind doors and windows nothing is ever as wanted.
The good have no monopoly on love.
All drink from it. All wear its absence like a shroud.

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We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle