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Love is a gift that should never be wasted. Especially to be appreciated is the romantic love two persons may share. Being in love is a completely unique feeling. It can only be understood through experience. It is inspiring and sweet. It springs from the deepest part of one's being. Love is a powerful force that cannot be dissuaded. Love gives us the strength we need to carry on despite the direst of circumstances or the most difficult of problems. Love can even give someone the will to continue living. That is why we should take care to guard the love we have been blessed with, never letting it fade or die.

34 Amazing Poems about Love - Express Your Love With Poetry

By Debra Dotter Blakley

Out of this heart of love and hope there flows
wave upon spreading wave of lighted prayer
for a wealth of blessings, surrounding and supporting;
solid pathways through the mountains that
purple the horizon, and draw our eyes upward,
lights for the twists and turns that lie ahead of you
whom I love and hold against my beating heart,
you for whom my spirit aches and sings.

This is my responsibility and my honor,
to create out of the depths of my love for you
a glowing canopy of protection, woven from the strands
of all I have learned of Love and Spirit,
joy, hope and loss, courage and compassion, patience and peace,
that you may have solid ground upon which to walk
and a clear vision to sustain you on the difficult path
that is life lived upon this good earth.

Hush now little light, all will be well,
be brave, we will all walk together for awhile.
I hold you now in my arms and forever in my heart,
tender little man child, lovely baby lady,
you drowse under your blankets as whispers of the future
drawing comfort from the beating of my heart
as with quiet song I lull you toward slumber.

By Connor Burkett

When you look up to the stars Does your mind race like mine? Asking silently, as your mind races violently, "How can this be? How lucky we are, together forever, you and me."

When you look up to the stars
Does your mind race like mine?
Asking silently, as your mind races violently,
"How can this be?
How lucky we are, together forever, you and me."

Seeing, smelling, feeling your touch.
Keeps my heart beating, you are my crutch
That keeps my soul steady and my mind in the clouds
Thinking of seeing you in all of these crowds.
Pushing and passing to find you my dear.
To hold you, to feel you and lose all fear.

Hoping you're sleeping steady and dreaming sweet
Of one day soon that we shall be, Together again
You and I.
Holding hands and locking eyes
Our lips will touch, on our wedding day and there will be no goodbyes.
No vows shall be broken, until our dying day.

Our family will be stable, and loved more each day
Holding our child as we ride on a sleigh.
Through the fields and daisies and tall warm grass
Our lives will be perfect, and will never pass
Only time is what we have to keep us together.
Keeping our promises, and holding on Forever.

When our time comes, to pass on by
We will both remember.
How lucky we are to have
Just You and I.

By Zachary Gagnebin

I wrote this poem to my girlfriend who has the tendency to over analyze. She follows her logic before her heart, where as I am the opposite. And it's not that I want her to change. I just think sometimes the heart should come first. The nice thing about being opposite is that we compliment each others qualities. And we can learn from each other and our unique understanding of things. All I know is that I've found someone very special.

The wheels in your mind spin at blinding speeds
The gears they burn hot as assumption you feed

You calculate an process at a dangerous rate
You look right past what could have been fate

It's hard to change ways you've all but pre-set
Head long on a fast track to pain and regret

So do one favor for yourself if you can
Slow down your logic an take a look at this man

Don't judge this books cover or try to contest
Because I follow this heart that beats in my chest

Cast logic aside and for once just confide
And release all the feeling's you've all but denied

And if storm's cloud your thoughts an logic's the same
Take hold of my hand's and will dance in the rain

Don't want you to change or forget what is you
But do me this favor to your heart be true

By Ryan Ross

I'm Ryan and I'm a 19 year old in college. I had a tough life in high school and before that, but when I got to college, all that changed. I found the most incredible girl ever. I had been wishing upon shooting stars for years hoping that I'd find the perfect girl that I could some day marry, and I honestly think that wish came true when I got here to college. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and saved my life from depression and confusion.

I am happy, I am fine,
Especially since you are mine.
The day I met you
Was a wish come true.

Remember I will always love you,
Don't forget these feelings are still new.
Your smile brings out the best in me,
You are the greatest anything ever be.

Your joy, your laugh, your love
Really keeps me going when push comes to shove.
You are the light that shines down upon my life,
So I can't wait for the day to call you my wife.

The sky shows a new shade of blue.
It is brighter, like my feelings are too.
For you, everyday my heart grows in size,
And I nearly melt every time I look into your eyes.

We will make it through thick and thin,
As long as we're together, we'll always win.
You are like the pea to my pod,
Because you must have been sent by God.

Please stay with me forever,
We can do it, never say never.
You are so kind, so gentle, so sweet,
And with you, my life is simply... complete.

By Devin Murphy

It will take only time
Fore you to answer back
With a replay that says
I’m on the right track
To being close to you

In my heart is where
You will be found living
Giving me the will to
Carry on with your grace
And your love to give

It will take only time
Fore you to answer back
With a replay that says
I’m on the right track to
Bringing people close to you

In place of worship is
Where you will be found
Living, giving people will to
Carry on with your grace
And your love to give

It will take only time
Fore you to answer back
With a replay that says
I’m on the right track

By Jessica Stockinger

I wrote this because I was thinking about my boyfriend. This poem reminds me so much of him because he's so sweet, and he always knows how to make me smile.

Love what does it mean
Is it the feeling you get from being kissed
Is it the small things you miss
Is it the laughter two people share
Or is it the care of a lovers embrace

Love what does it mean
Is it the first day of spring
Does it make you come alive

Or is it cold like the first snow fall
Does it make you cry
Or is it the hardships you take along the way

Love what does it mean
Is it sweet like chocolate
Does it melt in your mouth

Or is it sour like a lemon
Does it make you clinch in disgust
Or is it the sweet taste of victory once it's done
Love what does it mean

By Christopher Gage

These words were not enough for me....the person I loved and adored so much, turned out not to be worth them. We had been through a lot....ultimately it was not meant to be. 500 characters is not enough to tell the whole story....just know the overall story is a sad one. I thought I could save her....I guess I wasn't supposed to. I wanted to give her the world...I guess now I can give this to the world. Share this only with those you hold dear to you....and love them like you would no other.

I promise my love, to always be here for you
To always be your light when all else grows dark
To always be your guide when you lose your way
To always be your reminder when you lose all hope
I promise my love, to always be here for you

I promise my love, I will never leave your side
You will never wonder where I am
I will always be there when you reach for me
I will always be here when you need me
I promise my love, I will never leave your side

I promise my love, I will love you with all that I am
I will always kiss you when you least expect it
Always look upon you, even when you don't know it
Never give up on you, even if you give up on me
I promise my love, I will love you with all that I am

I promise my love, that I will be everything you need
I will be your shoulder to cry on
I will be your pillar to lean on
I will be your soul mate, now and forever
I promise my love, that I will be everything you need

I promise my love, that I will be loyal to you
Loyal in the times you don't want me
Loyal in the times you don't need me
Loyal in the times you need to be away from me
I promise my love, that I will be loyal to you

I promise my love, that I will love you always
No matter how hard it gets
No matter how lost we become
No matter how far we drift apart
I promise my love, that I will love you always


I never thought I would like someone in my school that's Pierre Porter. So I did, we when to a trip that was mono cliff, so my heart felt so happy that's why I wrote "the stones began to fall away as happiness began to fill my day".

Once I had a heart of stone,
For it had surely lost it's home,
It could not love or wanted too,
But in my life then came you,
The stones began to fall away,
As happiness began to fill my day,
A feeling so sweet and happy too,
Could this be love,
I pray is true.
My heart now sings a song of love,
For all I know it was send from above,
My heart is warm,
There's no cold hard no more,
Because when I seen you,
You made my heart from,
I soars above the sky so high,
Sometimes I think why and cry,
My heart now sings a loving song,
For the part of me I thought was gone.

By David Yearwood

About the moment we will merge as one body and soul.

The moment is here, we've been waiting for,
Planning and hoping for that special day.
Thoughts go deeper, our emotions get stronger,
Nights are shorter, days are longer.

The time is here, to get wrapped in each other,
we can't wait to get started, our love as we wanted.
The packing, the talking, the excitement is building.
we're ready for love, with passion it's coming.

This time will be different, much better than ever,
Our love must be blended, We're starting out slow.
Each moment in time, will be written in stone,
my darling I care, I want you to know, I love you so!

Our minds are made up, for better we'll be,
Our love is for ever, our hearts are together.
we will merge as one, body and soul,
This day was long coming, it's time to begin!

By David Yearwood

My passion lives, in the beat of your heart,
as you breath each day, my emotions live on.
My desire to love you, becomes more and more,
the feelings I have are beyond control.

Never, have I felt this way, so bubbly and sweet,
so calm, so easy, always ready to love you.
Ready to let you know, just how I feel.
Ready to show you, the passion, the love.

My inner moving parts, making my soul yearn for you,
come slowly, come sweetly, I'm waiting for you.
My arms are ready, to embrace all of you.
It's time to make you feel, my passion in side.

The moment has come, my passion, your love,
will explode together, join together, live together.
Let's begin this journey, with passion in our hearts,
my passion lives on, with every beat of your heart

By David Yearwood

Sometimes, the way you feel, the feelings you have are so strong, you can't help but telling the world!

You look into my eyes, you've touch my soul.
sweet smiles you bring, across my face.
Deep in my heart, I'm lonely for you,
I've found new hope, we'll never part.

I’m giving my heart, don’t break in two,
I feel you much, so sweet with me
When I talk to you, your love makes me cry,
I've never felt this way, with you, I've tried.

Sweet feelings for you come every day,
they make me smile, day by day.
I hate being away, but life will be,
When I'm close to you, I'm hot all over.

I can't help, but want you, to cool my fire.
I can’t say many words, for you to see,
My feelings for you are true, I know.
I hope you understand, what I'm trying to say!

By Courtney Bleu

The feeling, the memories of love often interrupt daily pursuits, though, would anyone want it any other way?

It begins again.
I am in the office,
Working on several things at once,
Always trying to stay busy.
Because every momentary pause
Allows it to begin again

Your whispered thoughts
Dance around my remembering
How you persuaded my lips to smile
While my yearnings,
Twisted flames leaping atop candles,
Burned through that table of white linen

Copier paper cuts disrupt
Zephyrs of my counterfeited daydream
Resetting my errant path, quantifiably
Altering proficiency until someone’s music
Tenderly presses notes into my heart
And it begins again

In the hallway my turn becomes a twirl
And my steps slide into a samba
Across the narrow courtyard
Where you worked my body
And played nice with my mind
As my resistance nuzzled next to your affection

Until a misaligned manuscript topples floorward,
Snapping me head up, eyes open
A fully conscious worker bee
Moving desk to office to chair to colleague
Brushing against me, hard muscle under soft shirt
And it begins again

Office currents collect and redirect
How the essence of a breezy salacious scent
Slip-slides beneath my nose, teases my mind,
Sends me on a cloud nine float of who cares
Where I’ll land tomorrow, so long
As I land on you tonight, to begin it all again

By Reggie White

Reliving the wonder of the first meeting right up to the wedding day.

The night is festive, alive and upbeat
Girls night out
So seems the same for the men
It begins, the signs to see

The look in the eye
The rustle of the hair
A quick stare that lingers
A smile ensues

The language of the body
Begins it's course
The look from the eye is happy
For indeed the smile is a sign

He does the man walk with a swagger
Knowing this language will surely arouse
The senses of this female
Who has herself begun her move

Her smile has not diminished, no not in the least
As a matter of fact it spreads even more
She dips her head a bit
And with the stroke of the hand

She brushes the hair back
Revealing her ear, she lifts her eyes
He spots some love in those eyes?
What language they speak

The language of the body

They become close over the space of time
He knows it is right, yes it is right
He looks into eyes that have smiled
The smile of love

As he begins to speak, both hearts are pounding
The air is filled with anticipation
He reaches and retrieves, the box
Surely she speaks to herself and not aloud

This is a good sign

The box is opened to reveal the ring
As he speaks the words, Will you marry me?
These eyes of love are filled now with tears
She accepts from this man, this symbol of love

The space of time continued as plans were made
And the time has come on this a wedding day
The vows are said, the marriage is done
For in the space of time, they two became one

By Elinga

I wrote this thinking what is love? and how would it feel? and from what I heard and read, this is what I see it like.

Love is a mystery,
with many colors included,
Green, red and yellow,
purple and blue,
orange and violet,
brown, black, white and grey too.

Love is a mystery,
which comes to stay for a while,
Love is important,
without it we would die.

Love is a mystery,
it brings you sadness and pain,
anger, jealousy and fear,
will be with you for years,

But you will also get some thing,
that will make it worth,
to live through those emotions,
without being hurt,
to much and many times.

That would be,
happiness, joy, trust and surprise,
respect, love and lack of despise.

Love is no mystery it's just all in your head,
when you experience all the emotions,
from falling in love,
you'll know that you're glad to be just with them.

By Kyle Mason

I have a person in my life who I consider to be my soul-mate and one night while laying in bed I was struck by a bolt of influence and this is what was jolted out.

If there is one thing you should know it's this.

All the worlds gone quiet.
Your heart beat tuned with mine
For in such intangible lands we live
To seek a final jubilee.

And shower through the past.
In present we've defined ourselves
longing no more we seek divides
where our souls in harmony
do ponder such a light we love.

For there my darling lay the yonder sought
to seek a fitting path forgoing such
attunement with the strings we hold so close
that in their melodies we cry.

Bewildered though they host.
You and I my dearest shall never see
such ends that clouds will part the boundaries
where love always remains.

And in the midst of
All our madness our truth in there doeth lie
a chord we've yet to play so solemnly
so as to make us paramours divine in nature,
Disguised in carnal disposition.

Verily unobtainable are our wisdoms
which recollect each others minds,
we find ourselves amidst the curiosities
but not misunderstood.

By Jared Champigny

I always have been a sensitive person and this is from the heart I don't really know what else to say

Love is two people being there for each other through the good times and the bad

Love is two people working together like the moon and the ocean to make each other stronger

Love is when if you could you would wake up to each other ever morning and look forward to the next

Love is beyond anything physical when every kiss feels like the first

Love is when two hearts beat in unison to one another although to make two hearts one

Love is when you will do anything for them and protect them from any harm and won't warm them in any way

Love is when you look into each others eyes for a second and get lost in them for a lifetime

Love is when you know everything about each other and the word SECRET is never used

love is something felt between two people and only to people this is true love

it can't be bought or forced and it can't be faked....

It just happens

By Dashia Goss

This is dedicated to someone very special to me. When you read this, I hope you feel the emotion I did when I wrote it.

I remember it like it was yesterday
The first time I fell for you
The way you looked at me
The things you'd say
It was too good to be true
I promised myself I would stay away
Then you made it where I couldn't breathe
Now this is all I have to say
I'm crazy about you
Your eyes and your smile
Every little thing that you do
Makes the real me come out for a little while
Because when I'm with you
All I do is laugh
I know you feel the same way too
It's like you're my other half

By Ashley Batista

I've been in love so many times and learned so much from it. When I got hurt I used to always think love was a bad thing, but in reality it was a blessing. Love is what you make it and I chose to make it a way to mature, a experience to get me ready for the next time.

Love can make me but will never break me...
Love has its ups and downs
Its rights and wrongs
Its sadness and happiness
But one thing about Love is it's never unsure...
Love is strong, committed, and overwhelming...
Love is a bond that holds people together,
whether it be family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend.....
Love builds you up to be a stronger person, a better person at times...
Love is unforgettable.....
Love holds so many things....
The question is...
Are you willing to give it a chance?
A chance to get to know it....
to bond with it....
to struggle with it....
I know I would....
Love is not always a burden...
It's also a blessing....

By Howard Bright

This poem reflects on what love truly should mean when you say it to another.

Love is what makes a man
work for the common good.
Love will listen to a lonely heart
that cries to be understood.

Love always brings comfort
when sorrow binds a friend.
Love is the inspiring action
that will a quarrel mend.

Love bears attack from foes
without revengeful mind.
Love shows humanly compassion
and always being kind.

Love is forgiving and forgetting
to allow another chance.
Love is alive on earth’s terrain
and the sea’s and sky’s expanse.

Love remains the greatest power
and always it will be.
Love is what I will give to you
forever and through eternity.

By David Yearwood

They are times distance is a bad thing, the need to be with your love one is very strong, Time seems to make things worst, but, love will make it right!

Will I ever be the same?
the first time, my eyes met yours?
My life has changed, because of you,
I saw in you, my missing piece.

Will I ever feel your touch?
how eager I am to be near you.
I'm trying not to sulk,
my feelings, I must hold..

Will I ever be with you?
you said, some day.
I hope the time is soon to come,
for us to be together. this is my dream.

I don't know why, I love you so,
the reason is way, deep in my heart.
I'm glad we got to talk, just like this,
Are we to be? our love will tell.

By Richard Tully

This poem was inspired by all of the loves of my past, I came to realize that they have never truly left me and are with me everyday, make me the man I am.

Love is something we all have and can share,
Your family and their roots,
Your friends and their support,
Your neighbor's,
For all of those we really care,
True love is not to posses,
It's unconditional and true,
To love someone even in the darkest of days,
Even when your through,
To love enough to let them go,
Even when it hurts our heart,
We never need stop loving them,
Just because we are apart,
True love is a reminder,
A feeling deep inside,
An invisible shield that surrounds us,
Keeps us warm through life,
When I think of all the ones I love,
Every one of them is always there,
Deep down in the soul of me,
Passed on for others to share,
Carry every love we've had,
For with every one we grow,
For love is what we are all made of,
The ARENA that plays out life's greatest show.
We shine brighter with every blending,
Experience what we have all have shared so many times before,
Carries us across this world,
On to golden shores,
Some lash out in pain and anger,
When we end an go forward into the unknown,
Never stopping to realize,
Without this step they could not of grown,
Some love is stronger, deeper than others,
But then we are all at some different stage,
Some of the greatest love comes to us when we are young,
With others only with time and age,
Even the greatest of loves must end,
For some are meant for another time and place,
This is the beauty of love and all its power.
An with this we are all truly graced x x x

By David Yearwood

The other party, always wonder if they are getting all the love from that special one and are they the only one in your life, this poem shows how much of my love you are getting and the depth of my love to you.

To you I give, all of me,
For I believe, you're my destiny.
To you I offer, the best of my heart,
for I believe, you will value it.

I want to share my life with you,
for me to show, my love is true.
I want to hold you in my arms,
Showing you, how love truly feels.

Loving you, is what I want to do,
although I know, we are apart.
Tears in my eyes, you can take away,
If I'm with you, that's all I care.

For that, to you, I give all of me!

By Jill Elizabeth

What does it mean, to truly love –
To find the person you are meant to find?
The one whose life fits yours like a glove,
Who turns two ones into a matched set, a two of a kind.

Suddenly a rosy-red sunset, a flash of lightning in brilliant blue-white,
The grace of a soaring flight of birds –
These things take on new meaning when you know it’s right;
Clichés are magically no longer just banal words.

They represent the wonder and amazement, the awe, the bliss
Of all that you feel. The words themselves are no longer the point –
All that matters is the hope, the spark, the kiss,
The touch of the divine, whose spirit deigned to anoint.

It happens in an instant; the Other suddenly is the central part.
From just a piece they have become the very fabric of your heart.

By David Yearwood

Always express to your sweetheart in romantic terms what you feel and see in that person, it can be the strength in the relationship.

What I see in you, are Oceans of love,
Colourful rainbows and morning dew.
I see goodness and beauty, all over you,
you're bursting with love, with red hot flames.

Creatures of darkness prowling the night,
I'm safe in your arms, as you hold me tight.
I feel your breathing, as it enters my soul,
you whisper to me, I get chills up my spine.

I can hear the rain, it's romantic and pours,
I feel your embrace, your touch tingles me.
I'm happy with laughter, smiling with joy,
with you my love, tomorrow I see.

I feel thunder and lightning, whenever your near,
I hear voices of love, you bring to my ear,
but all these things, this world may bring,
Its your love I cherish, above everything.

By Aïda Touré

I’m a golden candle
that slowly, slowly burns
in the kiss of your Presence~
This sweet melting,
this tender burning
has paved the way
for some grace,
so musical and divine
the heart breaks open
amid its sobbing beauty~
so vibrant it screams:
“come, become me!”
Lo! My heart lands in your palm,
spinning and spinning
with quiet force,
longing and union is one;
see, the healer is healed by Love~
I can’t say more…
Will you finish this for me,
in the secret language
only you and I speak?

By David Yearwood

The First Time, I set my eyes on you, Was the day I knew we were to be.

The day I set my eyes on you,
Was the day I knew, we were to be,
It would be you, who entered my life
That day, we started our journey of love,

Seeing your smile, feeling your touch,
draws me closer and closer to you.
Knowing you care, being in your dreams,
is our story of love, that's written in stone,

As days go by, my nights are sad,
I knew I needed you, now and for ever,
It's thinking about you, I love to do,
It's dreaming about you, the thing I must do,

So, I'm going to continue, with emotion and hope,
showing you love, is all I can do.
Hoping one day, our love will carry through,
as far as we can go, to the stars above!

By Ollie Lind

We look for laughter, happiness and life.
Don’t seek a husband, nor a wife.
Life alone can be such fun,
considering only ever one.

One’s own company can grow terse;
from tiny cradle to coal-black hearse.
Trying to find our own soul-mate,
just like waiting at the pearly gate.
Yet we seek to ever find
love to bring a peace of mind.

Long ago, another life.
She a husband, he a wife.
Issue from the unions grown,
one and one and two alone.

Her son and daughter bound in love,
his two sons from heaven above.
Life’s strange journey onward roamed,
each parent found themselves alone.

These children born of different love,
at once apart but not above
finding family in the other
children of a different mother.

Love, look forward; ever on.
Happiness and joy for Marie and Ron.


The poem is from Collected Love Poems, published by Harper Perennial

These boys have never really grown into men,
despite their disguises, despite their adult ways,
their sophistication, the camouflage of their kindly smiles.
They are still up to their old tricks,
still at the wing-plucking stage. Only now
their prey answers to women's names.
And the girls, likewise, despite their disguises,
despite their adult ways, their camouflage of need,
still twist love till its failure seems not of their making;
something grotesque migrates hourly
between our different needs,
and is in us all like a poison.
How strange I've not understood so clearly before
how liars and misers, the cruel and the arrogant
lie down and make love like all others,
how nothing is ever as expected, nothing is ever as stated.
Behind doors and windows nothing is ever as wanted.
The good have no monopoly on love.
All drink from it. All wear its absence like a shroud.

By Rob Radcliffe

Tight as whelks that suck on rock,
hands locked like limpets,
they stroll in the wet dark
along the promenade.
Sides touching, flank to flank,
breaths flowing as one breath,
hearts berthing together
as their feet fall into step.
Mingling with the merely single
they sprout one umbrella not two,
a jellyfish cast on the seashore,
exotic – red, white and blue.
In the wet and dark they
twine in togetherness;
tenacious as barnacles they cling,
deep in a snug-as-seashells kiss.

By Jesse Bradley

Son, when kissing her
felt like holding a knife
with your teeth, do not ask
for a refund of the blood
you’ve already swallowed.

When your mother hisses
the lit fuse of her name,
do not smother it with
“you don’t understand”
shell games.

When you awake from a night
of heaving clogged syllables,
you will find this under your pillow:
“love should never be something
you have to survive.”

By Niamh Galvin

I wrote this poem to show that when you are young you can spend your summer with your other half, life seems like bliss. That is how I spent my summer. Hope others can relate to my experiences, Niamh x

Summer time is here
With laughter and love everywhere
Me & you
Together under skies of blue
With the sun shining up high
From routine we bid goodbye
Traveling to the fairs
Partying where the music blares
We walk hand in hand
Along the beaches sand
The cool water making us screech
Heaven is within our reach
Full of pleasure we will smile
Off to festivals we will go for a while
Laughing around a campfire
The world is ours to admire
Gazing into each others faces
Summer brings us to different places
The sun shining on our backs
Dancing ''till we reach our max
Marveling at the sights about
Loving without doubt
Horse races or market places
New memories are being made
Ones like these will never fade
Happiness ever lasting
Summer is the king
At beach parties together we will sing
Telling stories about the last time
Summer was this divine
Sun kissed from head to toe
From beach to beach we will go
Lying out, talking
Enjoying it with one another or just walking
Here is summer along with its delights
Bringing our summer and its happiness to its heights.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By Jill Chan

To be free of pain.
Is that what we all want?
Before anything else,
to be free?
And then suddenly,
we love like love
is a state of absence,
then, a piece of something
we hold
against nothing.
We praise it.
We see it in each other.

By David Yearwood

The way you feel about the one you've fell in love with, is the most precious feeling one can have. Your nightly dreams, usually are hard to put into words, for this, here is some help!

When I fell in love, my heart was on fire,
To be with you, was my only desire.
Loving you, is all I want to do,
A lifetime of promises, a world of dreams.

For only my heart, knows what it means,
I promise you, it won’t be wrong.
One love, two hearts, we will make it right,
And now I'm lost, deep in your love.

Honey, when I’m alone you’re the one I miss,
your sweet tender love, is hard to resist.
Looking upon the stars, wishing with all my might,
Hoping someday, we'll be side-by-side!

By Megan Best

This was written for the lovely man who took a piece of me that no one ever has I felt so connected to his mind it was frighting but ever so exciting

When touching you I cannot breathe,
Want to pull you so close and push you away all at once,
I feel you are dangerous to me,
Your mind with mine,
feeling you every where I go you are with me
Can see the blood pumping in your veins when you touch me
I am longing for you, watching you with big eyes.
You hold up a wall you are like poison to me I feel your every thought
Are strong and unknown to me
It so intense I am scared of what I will do to you or you will do to me if we become to close.
I find you somewhat interesting but I don't know why,
Your every touch leaving my body satisfied within.
I know how to seduce you I feel your mind you to are playing with mine,
I am exhausted from our thoughts I cannot sleep at night for I am feeling you feeling me