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This poem was inspired by all of the loves of my past, I came to realize that they have never truly left me and are with me everyday, make me the man I am.

True Love

© Richard Tully

Love is something we all have and can share,
Your family and their roots,
Your friends and their support,
Your neighbor's,
For all of those we really care,
True love is not to posses,
It's unconditional and true,
To love someone even in the darkest of days,
Even when your through,
To love enough to let them go,
Even when it hurts our heart,
We never need stop loving them,
Just because we are apart,
True love is a reminder,
A feeling deep inside,
An invisible shield that surrounds us,
Keeps us warm through life,
When I think of all the ones I love,
Every one of them is always there,
Deep down in the soul of me,
Passed on for others to share,
Carry every love we've had,
For with every one we grow,
For love is what we are all made of,
The ARENA that plays out life's greatest show.
We shine brighter with every blending,
Experience what we have all have shared so many times before,
Carries us across this world,
On to golden shores,
Some lash out in pain and anger,
When we end an go forward into the unknown,
Never stopping to realize,
Without this step they could not of grown,
Some love is stronger, deeper than others,
But then we are all at some different stage,
Some of the greatest love comes to us when we are young,
With others only with time and age,
Even the greatest of loves must end,
For some are meant for another time and place,
This is the beauty of love and all its power.
An with this we are all truly graced x x x


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Published: August 2010

Rating: 3.89

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle