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It can be disheartening looking for love. This is because love is not something you can force. Sometimes there is someone who catches your eye but they don't feel the same or the timing just isn't right. In fact, it's impossible to look for love, you can only wait for it. These are not reasons to give up on love though. The best relationships seem to just happen. If you keep your heart open to love, love will eventually find you. Hold out for the right person at the right time and it will be worth the wait. You will have found something invaluable. Once love has found you, treasure it and work hard to keep it.

By LionofOz

The love that may never be.

I would move the largest mountains
I would leap the highest buildings
I would tame the wildest animals
I would capture the sun and the moon
I would brave any kind of danger

All for You

But I do not yet have the courage
To do what you want of me most

To give you up

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