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A loving marriage is one of the greatest achievements of our times. Divorce is at an all time high, and the general belief is the marriage is a pain in the neck. The fact is that marriage is a pain in the neck. Relationships come with responsibility. But, marriage offers an opportunity to share the closeness of a committed relationship, to develop the inevitable friction which sharing your bathroom causes into greater love and understanding. This opportunity is not offered anywhere else. This is the case for marriage.

18 Romantic Marriage Poems - Beautiful Poems for Weddings

By JN Ridout

Anniversary and thank you poem from a man to his wife

Itís been years since they day we met,
And somehow you still love me yet.
With all of my flaws and I have a few..
Sometimes I am battered and feeling blue.

From time to time the beauty escapes me,
And itís dark and ugly in the mirror that I see..
When sun is gone and only clouds remain,
I turn and see you next to me..

Sometime I simply cannot understand,
Why you stay and continue holding my hand.
Touching my heart and lighting my clouds
Shinning the silver lining, the bright in the dark sky.
Blowing them away, I can always count on you..

You are my pillar, my roof and foundation too,
And even though I hardly say it anymore, I always think it.
Wishing we were never apart, I dream it.
Hoping and praying that somehow Iíll find..

A way to make you happy,
Appreciate and not make you fall apart.
To show you that you are the best a wife can be
I hope I can show you, you when I look and see.
Woman, you are incredible and amazing beyond words can express.
All I can say is thank you, thank you for staying still,
Thank you for loving me and thank you for taking care of our little love nest..

By Howard Bright

This is a poem I had written for my wife because there were many times I was away from home. I eventually put these words to music so I could sing the song to her.

Sometimes when you're all alone, feeling lonely and so blue,
wondering if I'm even thinking of you.
Thinking I might find somebody else in the places that I go,
but girl there's some things you really ought to know.

Forever and a day is how long I want you.
Forever and a day I'll always be true.
Just keep on believing the words that I say Ė
I will always love you forever and a day.

Far across the country, without you all night long,
wondering what you're thinking and wondering if I'm wrong.
The pain and the sorrow is much more than I can bear,
all I want to do is reach out and tell you how much I care.

Forever and a day is how long I want you.
Forever and a day I'll always be true.
Just keep on believing the words that I say Ė
I will always love you forever and a day.

I'm feeling like a stranger without you all the time.
You're wondering if I'll believe you or if I'll say goodbye.
I don't know what's going on, don't know where you've been,
but if my love can't trust you, it would be my biggest sin.

Forever and a day is how long I want you.
Forever and a day I'll always be true.
Just keep on believing the words that I say Ė
I will always love you forever and a day.

By David Ortiz

I asked my sister in law to read my wife this poem on our wedding day while she was getting ready. I had picked out a solitaire diamond necklace for her weeks before the wedding and asked that her sister hand it to her as she read the poem to her. She cried when she heard it and looked stunning when she wore the necklace to our wedding that afternoon.

One love, one life
One ring, one wife

One deep breath of happiness when I look into your eyes
Today we publicly announce our love, no longer in disguise

Solitaire, some call it one of a kind
A rarity a special find

I did not have to go searching
Faith placed you here

I will never have to look far
I know the one I love is always near

We once said "me for you and you for me"
Today I finally get to see
What were once just words
Today will become a reality

A strong and happy family is what we will be
If you please take my hand and down this isle "walk with me."

By Anthony Gangi

The song plays
I stand there waiting
My adventure is about to begin
I look up
The doors open
All my feelings of regret and failure disappear
I smile
What I see, is beauty beyond perfection
What I feel, is love without boundaries
There she is
Dressed in white, and as pure as the snow
I look into her eyes, as she looks back into mine
Our souls connect
As each step brings her closer
I see us
Our first kiss
Our first dance
Our first home
Our first child
Our first grandchild
My life in her arms....My soul aging with hers
I am caught in a trance
Her hand touches mine and awakens me
She smiles
I am captivated
All my dreams and hopes, rest in her
A new chapter in my life, where she is now the author
The title of this book is LOVE
This chapter is called...I AM NOT ALONE
I do
She said it
With those two words she became my wife
We kissed


This poem was motivated by my parents love and marriage. No matter what they went through in the past 21 years their marriage vows kept them together and only death separated them,

The beauty of internal marriage
It's sealed by love
Wrapped by happiness and peace
Obstacles may come still
it will stay strong like an iron,
sweet as honey

the beauty about it
no amount of lies can break it
it's build from a proper foundation
shaded by honesty
watered by Hope and Faith

the joys of internal marriage
itís a journey of an Apostil
itís like a merry go around
sometimes itís up and sometimes itís down
it bears fruits of life
the real beauty of internal marriage
it's lead by God filled with love
favored by few
hated by many

the beauty of internal marriage

By Jo-Anne

I canít wait to hold you again

I canít wait to hold you again,
To show you my love and talk again.
To see your face filled with grace,
To here your voice clouding all the noise.

The time is so near and yet so far,
I hate the days when we are apart.
You are my beautiful wife,
And I want more than just one life.

Thank you for sharing everyday with me,
For holding me at night and waking next to me.
For walking beside the journey we are on,
For sharing the blanket and blistering sun.

You are every thing I prayed for,
What am I saying, you are so much more.
The Lord really thought off and blessed me,
The day you said yes and come what may.

I love you my wife with more than I can say,
Iíll love you for ever and a day.
You are the most beautiful person I have ever met,
You are my star, my light and I never want to be apart.

By Mitchell Browder

To my wife, my best friend, my life.

If comfort had a sound
it'd be that of your voice

If trust had a hue
it'd be your eyes blue

If sweet had a shape
it'd be one of your smiles

If years were seconds
It'd be time with you

If love had a life
it'd be wife

By Tonya Stamper

Before my husband I went through hell and back but he has giving the greatest love ever

My heart was a puzzle full of missing pieces, cold and hard, surrounded by walls
Scared of life, love, happiness, and all you had to offer
I let you fearing the effect you would have over me
Day by day, my heart became whole, warm, soft, and all my walls vanished
You gave me life, but not my life, for this life I had never known
I feel so safe, loved, happy, and secure
You adore me for who I am and not who you want me to be
And have made me see just how strong I truly am
You have taught me the importance of family and all the ties that bind
You have given me the greatest gifts in life that no money in this world could buy
Our wonderful children
Because of you, I never and to look back
I only look forward
Forward to the rest of our lives together and all the wonderful days life still has in-store for us
For all of this, I thank you
You are the most wonderful husband, man, father in this world
I love you more than you will ever know

By Jennilyn Isleta

This poem is dedicated to my husband for our 15th year anniversary

You may not be the same guy I first laid eyes on,
But you are still the same guy my heart beats for.
You may not be able to hold my hand sometimes,
But you never forget to hug me every time.
You may not have given me the moon nor the stars,
No worries! I have witnessed how you've tried to reach the sky.
You may not have fulfilled your promises,
Who cares? We still have a lifetime to share those broken pledges.
You've grown gray hairs, yes.!
Don't frown. Black, gray, white, you're still a handsome guy.
You said you've changed! From bad, worse, to worst. And good, better, to best.
But who doesn't dear? I too have changed,
From prettiest, prettier, to pretty "much"! Ok, I'll be fair- from heavy, heavier, to heaviest!
What do you expect? we're counting years.
And...It's fifteen years of loving, hating, and loving again.
Fifteen years of caring, neglecting, and caring again.
Fifteen years of ups, downs, and ups again.
We're not a perfect couple- true!
But I want nobody but you!
We still have a long way to walk, stride, jump, and run.
But I'm here to hold your hand.
And I don't care if you will change a lot.
What matters most is that it's always you who's in the other half of my heart.

By Dunia Silva

A poem dedicated to the man I fell in love with. The man who became my soul mate. The best father I know. For life without him would not be worth living

It dissolved everything I was
and made me into the object of your affections.
I remember looking in your eyes at the beginning
and thinking how can things get any better?

Little did I know that God had a roller coaster ride
in mind for the two of us. It has been
so much fun getting to know who you are,
and yet, I wasn't expecting to fall in love so easily.

I gave myself to you completely and without regrets.
We were a dynamic couple to be envied.
We had the kind of love that fairy tales are truly made of.
I accepted you, and you accepted me blindly.

Then comes marriage....

My dream come true.
A night to really be remembered. You looked so handsome,
waiting for me at the end of the altar,
I found myself smiling, you took my breath away.

We made it through so many obstacles,
so many hurdles we avoided and had to run through.
I felt so lucky to have you to share my life with,
because I didn't think I could live without you.

The came baby sitting in a carriage....

Just when I thought life couldn't possibly get better,
the Lord blessed us with an angel.
She could not be more heaven sent
in every aspect of the word.

I didn't know a love so true so big so undeniable
as the one I felt for you and her.
I found that I saw you in a new light
so tender and soft holding our daughter in your arms.

But with our wonderful life so complete,
problems were soon sure to come.
Its been a detachment and a distance building up
but never a lack of love and adoration.

The build up of tension and stress
had put our love to the test. Its sad to see our life
having so many ups and downs.
But through our faith and courage we have still stayed strong.

I know we don't share the joys we used to share before
and that we don't have the time to spend together like before,
Please remember that we still need to work on us,
that we should never be invisible to one another.

Don't let me turn away from you when mad,
Don't let me lose faith in what we have
Still remain the man I fell in love with,
and ill remain the woman I vowed id be.

I know for a fact that I do love you and I'm with you till the end
No matter what comes between us
well move the rocks in the way,
and overcome any obstacles,
because after all....

First comes love.....

By Margaret

Two people come together as one
Deeply in love with each other
To tie the bond of sacred marriage
A moment to cherish forever

Marriage has itís ups and downs
Itís laughter and itís tears
May both of you be blessed with joy
Throughout the coming years

A house youíll build in time to come
A place to call your own
Youíll fill it with love and your personal touch
Turning simple walls into a home

May all your hopes and dreams come true
Dearest Nani and Sophie
And your love for one another
Stay as strong as a century-old tree

By Micaela Du Plessis

Ever since grade 4 I had a huge crush on a guy in my class. In grade 7 I fell madly in love with him. During high school we dated but broke up because he was moving to America. After many years we met at our school reunion and starting dating again. We are now getting married which inspired me to right a poem about what love really is and what it means.

Love is an emotion like no other
To show devotion to one another
It shows a loved one no fear
Even though you know there is a tear
Love is like a river flowingly happy
Takes your breath away like a mint, not a Chappie
Love is unconditional
Love is something you can't deny
It can make you laugh, sing and cry
Love shows no fear
It is everywhere, far and near
Love is something you share with one another
Even though you can't be each other
Love is a dream
Almost like ice-cream
What I'm trying to say is I LOVE YOU DEAR
There I said it, without any fear
I hope you like this poem I wrote
Cos it's just for you with devotion and hope

By Abdul-Aziz Abdurahman Muhammad

Hello Everyone, let me explain a bit about my poem. My poem is not about love I'm feeling, it's rather something I want to feel. I tried to imagine how love feels like and so I made this poem, I hope you like it.

You're my beloved, you're my only bride
My only wish is to be by your side

My favorite place where I feel no harm
between your arms where I feel warm

come and find your rest with me
you're more beautiful than anyone could be

you'll never get hurt or wish to cry
you're my beloved and I'm here for you, not to die

All my time that I spend with you
Is like a lovely wish come true

you are the sun of my day and the beat of my heart
I don't know what to say or how to start

I'd sing for you my peaceful song
my beloved, I've waited too long

My beloved, now you'll never be alone
for I am here, you are not on your own

By Tim Haywood

Originally from Jamaica. Started writing poems six years ago.Did not take it seriously until this year.Got married in February to an amazing woman and I have been writing her a poem a day (currently at poem 232) since the day we got married. This is one of them and I hope you all like it. If you guys like it, then I will add more.

I want to be your nightcap
Your breakfast in bed
Your favorite lunch of the day
Your favorite dish at dinner time
I want to be all I can be to you
The smile on your face
Your stars and your moon
Your sun even on a rainy day
Mr. Too Damn Good to you
And when you are tired
I want to be your comfort
Your assurance in your nightmares
And your happiness in your dreams
The ocean that hits your shore
The ground that soaks up your rain
The cloud that hides your lightenings
Your shield chasing your dark clouds away
I want to be the one that treats you good
Mr. Too Damn Good to you

By Ben Shearin

A relfection of near loss and of new hope for a marriage.

Beautiful Belle, gracious and wise.
How heavy my heart,
I see hurt in your eyes.

Curvaceous, stunning-
But so much more.
A warm soul that comforts.
Gently, soften my core.

My friend, my lover, my other half.
We've shared one heart.
For a time, a piece taken back.
As I long to be one again,
I see you through opened eyes,
And the fool I've been.

May I learn how to treat you,
As a good husband would.
God to guide me- for better, for good.
You deserve the best, and I struggle to be.
Love of my life, are you to me.

By Jo-Anne N Ridout

You know sometimes I do not know how to stop the things I say. Quickly building a defense against what come and what may.

You know sometimes I do not know how to stop the things I say.
Quickly building a defense against what come and what may.
Confused most of the time about whatís going on.
Not sure what why when or how these things begin/begun.

At moment of fight the anger the hurt takes flight.
The feeling that you donít believe in me.
That alone I stand and even you I have to make see.
That I try so hard and most of the time Iím doing fine.
Why carry on and attack me why canít certain things just left to be.

Only knowing not wanting to proceed.
With these malicious thoughts and evil deeds.
I donít want to always feel the need
To explain to you my actions, to feel insufficient to feel mean.

I hate the person that lingers inside of me.
The one that emerges when the argument arises.
The one who looks and seeks disguises.
The one who linger and look for reasons.
The one who seems to always start the fight..

I can say sorry in many diff languages and many ways.
But you will never see what these little arguments do to me.
I can only wonder and hope that you will feel, that you will see.
How much I love you and how much to me you mean.


Morning has come, to take me away. I wish by your side, forever I could stay.

Morning has come, to take me away.
I wish by your side, forever I could stay.
I have to get up, I have to go
Can you hear me grunt, can you here me moan.

Hold you tight, is all I want to do.
I donít want to leave, to see you soon.
Warm and cozy, I lay by your side.
If I donĎt come, do you think they wonít mind?

My life my reason is right next to me.
So how does one just get up to leave?
I suppose I have to drag myself out,
And accept the day, working about.

But know just how every moment Iíll miss,
Having you close feeling a bliss.
Sharing my love and all my soul,
Holding you tight through this morningís cold.

From Me To You

By Tom Welch

I'm just expressing my love for my woman. It really is that simple.

In the dark of morning I turn to see
the angel sent from heaven
who dreams of me
because that's the way we want to be.

holding hands, publicly unconsciously,
wanting each other,
loving one another and doing so willingly
because that's the way we want to be

arm in arm we long to be,
in private in public for all to see,
liking, laughing, loving, comforting we will be
because that's the way we want to be

side by side as youth slips away,
we look at each other in that knowing,
loving way, together are we
because that's the way we want it to be