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A loving marriage is one of the greatest achievements of our times. Divorce is at an all time high, and the general belief is the marriage is a pain in the neck. The fact is that marriage is a pain in the neck. Relationships come with responsibility. But, marriage offers an opportunity to share the closeness of a committed relationship, to develop the inevitable friction which sharing your bathroom causes into greater love and understanding. This opportunity is not offered anywhere else. This is the case for marriage.

Poem of the Week
By Jennilyn Isleta

This poem is dedicated to my husband for our 15th year anniversary

You may not be the same guy I first laid eyes on,
But you are still the same guy my heart beats for.
You may not be able to hold my hand sometimes,
But you never forget to hug me every time.
You may not have given me the moon nor the stars,
No worries! I have witnessed how you've tried to reach the sky.
You may not have fulfilled your promises,
Who cares? We still have a lifetime to share those broken pledges.
You've grown gray hairs, yes.!
Don't frown. Black, gray, white, you're still a handsome guy.
You said you've changed! From bad, worse, to worst. And good, better, to best.
But who doesn't dear? I too have changed,
From prettiest, prettier, to pretty "much"! Ok, I'll be fair- from heavy, heavier, to heaviest!
What do you expect? we're counting years.
And...It's fifteen years of loving, hating, and loving again.
Fifteen years of caring, neglecting, and caring again.
Fifteen years of ups, downs, and ups again.
We're not a perfect couple- true!
But I want nobody but you!
We still have a long way to walk, stride, jump, and run.
But I'm here to hold your hand.
And I don't care if you will change a lot.
What matters most is that it's always you who's in the other half of my heart.

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