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The feeling, the memories of love often interrupt daily pursuits, though, would anyone want it any other way?

It Begins Again

© Courtney Bleu

It begins again.
I am in the office,
Working on several things at once,
Always trying to stay busy.
Because every momentary pause
Allows it to begin again

Your whispered thoughts
Dance around my remembering
How you persuaded my lips to smile
While my yearnings,
Twisted flames leaping atop candles,
Burned through that table of white linen

Copier paper cuts disrupt
Zephyrs of my counterfeited daydream
Resetting my errant path, quantifiably
Altering proficiency until someoneís music
Tenderly presses notes into my heart
And it begins again

In the hallway my turn becomes a twirl
And my steps slide into a samba
Across the narrow courtyard
Where you worked my body
And played nice with my mind
As my resistance nuzzled next to your affection

Until a misaligned manuscript topples floorward,
Snapping me head up, eyes open
A fully conscious worker bee
Moving desk to office to chair to colleague
Brushing against me, hard muscle under soft shirt
And it begins again

Office currents collect and redirect
How the essence of a breezy salacious scent
Slip-slides beneath my nose, teases my mind,
Sends me on a cloud nine float of who cares
Where Iíll land tomorrow, so long
As I land on you tonight, to begin it all again


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Published: 9/3/2013

Rating: 4

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle