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Frustrating dreams always get the best of me. Many of you will know when there's that one person the sun always seems to shine around, that one person whose smile makes you want to fly, that one person who you love to talk to and about even if it's pointless stories and that one person you associate with the most powerful phrase in the English language ''I Love You''

Free Dreaming With A Longing Heart

© Anon

Oblivious to what could be
Your eyes will never gaze upon me
I will never be close to you
Or cry on your shoulder when feeling blue
I wait everyday for you to see
That we could live so happily
Ive tried too long to sculpt your heart
I have played too much of my part
If only I could open your eyes
Look upon to a world of skies
A world where loving comes at no fee
A world of life and true beauty
A world where I can lie in your arms
Be kissed by you and then wed dance
A world where rainbows are painted on skies
A world where no one knows such lies
My longing destination of a dream
A world with such a loving theme
But such world is only fantasy
Open up your eyes and see


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Published: April 2011

Rating: 3.67

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle