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I wrote this poem to my boyfriend after dating him for about a year. My feelings for him were true and still are...

"a Time,"

© Desiree Sanders

There once was a time, life seemed so dull,
You were a light, you made life full.

From the moment we woke up,
Till the time we went to sleep;
We were on top of our communication,
Each others interests, we could keep!

I know my love was unconditional,
I know it had no end;
However, I never thought my heart,
Would be this difficult to mend!

I love you like no other,
And those feelings will never change;
No matter the amount of time apart,
You will never leave my range.

What good would it do...
If I were to hold a grudge?
I'm learning healing & forgiveness,
But sacrificing my self respect.. I cannot budge!

If I didn't care about morals,
Or the person I use to be;
Than I'd be on the path to self destruction...
Where "Rock Bottom," is all I see!

Honesty is the foundation,
Without, it will fade fast;
Without the strength of Honesty...
It is something that will never last!

Desiree Sanders 11/17/2009.


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Published: December 2011

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We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle