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My love is for a girl whom I've let down too many times in the past through actions of selfishness. I was faithful, but my actions and involvement with the wrong crowd will forever remain the reason it didn't last the way I'm sure we both once wanted it too... and the way I still do now. I do not live with regret, I can only hope that by bettering myself someday both she and God will allow me a chance I know in my heart would be the last I'll ever need.

There's Your Hand Again...

© Tyler Lawrence

Some distance lies between us now,
In all aspects of the word,
Over mountain tops, yet under clouds,
Your whispers are still heard,

Hundreds of miles in between,
My very self and yours,
Yet I can feel you here right by my side,
Like the times spent by the shore,

There's a light in you that always glows,
And I've seen it through dark brush,
Your natural guidance lifts my soul,
And leads me through untouched,

You're the sense of sun following the rain,
And the light that casts all day,
Come dusk, you provide me with some shade,
And steal my dreams away,

Feelings of betrayal, greed, defiance;
Traits I'll forget to know,
Of all this world's demons and tyrants,
They'll never stop your glow,

There's your hand again,
Slipping deep into my soul,
Steady stretching towards my heart,
To warm what I've left cold,

Your light casts down, in the form of rays,
To assist where I've been wrong,
And your voice echoes over the land,
Sounds like the sweetest song,

Your will to love, care and help,
Pure like your very soul,
I've been lost and found in your eyes before,
Don't doubt the fact I know,

Your innocent, sweet, and loving,
True, honest and sincere,
Your everything I've known you were,
Since the day God sent you here,

There's your hand again,
Turning my life's light on,
And I used to think it was I, reaching,
When it's been you all along...


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Published: November 2010

Rating: 4.37

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle