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I was lying in bed the other night, unable to sleep. I've had a pretty rough time of it lately and the thoughts running through my head have been driving me insane, so I decided to write down exactly how I was feeling and the pain I was feeling. I actually surprised myself when I read it back. Hope you enjoy.

Love Is Dead

© Mitch Butterfield

I lay here fighting these evil thoughts inside my head;
Is it me or is true love just really dead?;
Hoping, praying, wishing, caring;
One day when I wake I hope and pray to find you staring;
Back at me like you did all those years ago;
When life was simple and our love began to grow;
These thoughts are killing me, my brain won't let me sleep;
Can't drink can't eat can't breath without the beat;
Of your heart laying smack bang right next to me;
My life's just spiraling way out of control;
My heart is crying because the devil stole my soul;
This ain't no normal overdose;
When my body wants to comatose;
I try to handle all this fucked up shit traditionally;
Why can't you believe me when I say I that I love you unconditionally;
Empty thoughts and shattered dreams;
My pain runs longer than a league of streams;
I hope soon you lay there in your bed, unable to sleep cos the devils in your head;
Do you even think of me when you're lying in your bed?;
Some day soon you will understand my pain and just before you go reaching for some lead;
Maybe you will ask yourself,
Is true love really dead?


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Published: December 2016

Rating: 3.83

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle