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I wrote this poem to my ex. after being together for 16 years. I speak from my heart. And all the pain that I held inside. It has been a very dark two years. there are many more that I wrote, but I feel this one really speaks from my heart


© Norm Steveson

As I lay here in the dark,
you are there in my heart.

For there I see you in the light,
And for awhile all is right.

For I see the love we once had,
All Is gone and now I am sad.

I see no room in your heart,
as I lay here in the dark.

I look to the stars above,
and all I see is the love.

I lay here all alone,
as I write this little poem.

I look back on all the years,
and recall all the tears.

I know just right where I stand,
Right there in your hand.

As the night slowly goes by,
all I can do is silently cry.

I see the light of the day,
and life goes on as it may.

I hold the pain all inside,
Wishing I had only died.

As I go though this dreary day,
I can only think of what I forgot to say.

For my wish and is true,
is love only for you.

The candle was lit,
only for a bit.

For now is the time I must tell you,
I am sorry but you have to go.

Search your heart and you will see,
that you must let go of me.

As I lay in the dark,
you still do your sweet part.

It is not all what it seems,
because you are always in my dreams.

So fly away and spread your wings,
after all I am just a little thing.


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Published: August 2010

Rating: 4.17

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle