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Why do we Love when it hurts?

Question Love

© Krista Hood

Love… it comes with the highest cost…pain.
To love means to hurt, to feel sorrow and the constant struggle
It attacks from every angle, feigning for tears and heartache.
Fools fall in love, for they willingly submit themselves to despair,

Why do we love?
Why do we choose to believe in something that mocks every emotion?
Is it fear itself, or human nature, survival instinct?
Will science discover the reasoning for such insanity?
Of all the worlds’ mysteries, love remains unsolved.

I am in love,
I am in pain,
I have drained all hope
Diminished all optimism for love,
to drown in my own tears, alone

Why do we love, more importantly…why do I?
Am I scared to be alone, or am I trapped in sick game destined for failure?
Do I enjoy pain, the taste of the salt on my tears.
Or simply is it the desire to feel something magical.

I am lost, I am alone
I feel as if every gesture is unwanted, unnoticed
My sadness consumes me, yet…
I persist, I keep trying,
To control the very demon that steals life from my beating heart,
Love, is the devils’ game, and I am but a slave to its trickery.


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Published: December 2010

Rating: 4.19

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle