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This was written for someone I love most when he was about to leave me. It's not because he doesn't love me but because he really needs to go. It's all between me and his family.

And Why It Has To Be This Way?

© Wanie

Iíve made a vow to love again NOT
I pledge that I will only love those who can make it real
Who can move the mountain and cross the most wide river
To have me by his side forever and always

But here you come and break the bottle
Knowing itís impossible to make it real I knew yet I didnít care
You steal my heart and touch my soul in a very simple way
Thereís no one like you in this world and that I can bet

I tried to play just around the bush but I found myself loving you
I found myself searching for you when you are out of my sight
I used to hear your voice every night and day
And thatís killing me inside when days just passed by without

Yes, the expectations happened, I am falling to you
And I love you more than I ever thought I could
The more I get to know you, the more I get interested to you
Mine, I canít live long with everything is all lie

And now, I am running around the circle, not knowing what road to take
I am scared to choose the road that could change my life through
Yet, here I am canít help put things in a bottle anymore
My love for you grows stronger as days goes by

But now, you are leaving then I feel bad and a lot of pain
Watching you going somewhere and canít do nothing
Hearing you are leaving could easily changed my mood
Mine, why it has to be this way?

When youíve open my heart to love you
When I use to start the day with your lovely face
When I am ready to cross the widest river
When I am ready to give my whole world to you

Now, tell me how am I going to start the day without you?
Mine, you touch the very deep part of me
And thatís hard for me to face the world without you
You show me what love means then show me how I can go out

If you could just hold me as close as possibly as you can
You can feel how I am dying inside to hold you back
If I could just hold you in my arms then I will never let you go
For the love and care you show is equal to none.


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Published: January 2011

Rating: 3.8

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle