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Hi my name is Pammie, I have been dabbling in poetry for many years, I find that poetry is very personal, and people normally write a poem with one person in mind, having said that this one is for my husband. Hope you like?

Boat Of Wishes

© Pamela Kempton

If I could find a desert
Id fill it with my tears
Id build a boat of wishes
And sail from all my fears

My crew will all be promises,
The rigging all my dreams
The rudder made from memories
My hopes in all the beams

Id sail from all this loneliness
And all my troubles too
And when I find peace of mind
Ill sail on home to you.


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Votes: 36

Published: August 2011

Rating: 4

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle