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I loved this guy gave myself to him. He was just in it for fun & he played me. I was hurt and upset when he started dating some girl 3 days after, I gave myself to him. When I found out I wrote him a letter, never mailed it but then I created a poem out of it.

I Just Wanted Your Love

© Sarah

I did it.
with you, perfection?
perfection is totally overrated.

I just wish you knew
the real reason
why I did it, with you.

I wanted you
for the longest time.
I liked you
through every girlfriend.

I acted and felt
like a hopeless little girl
waiting for you.

I created an opportunity
for me and you
to be together.

If only for an hour
even if it hurt so much
and was awkward for me

before it.
during it.
after it.

I was so happy
You were there.
But you didn't change
it didn't matter to you.

I was angry and upset
it killed me
I wanted you to
be jealous, happy and loving
because of me.

I gave everything
to you.
I let you
take it.
You never cared
about any of it.

In the end, you disgust me.


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Published: November 2010

Rating: 4

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle