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I feel like a description narrows down the variety of a poem, I'd much rather let your imagination make its own conclusions

Snake Eyes

© Morgan

I feel your eyes glazed on my back
Trying to dig your way into my soul
Trying to send a message telling me to turn around
But I will not be fooled by your caressing stare
I will not turn to face those eyes of deception
Then I feel your breath dance on my spine
And my body inhales and exhales euphoria
And I feel your fingers graze the thin material between you and my craving flesh
I shudder in ecstasy but then turn to realize you are still far behind me
And our encounter was only created by my false sense of hope
Your eyes retreated back to the safety of your corner
My eyes turned down to the dismalness of the floor
I glanced back towards the screen of the computer and caught a glimpse of my own reflection
Marked blurry by raw emotion
And I saw you wiping crocodile tears; they bit and sunk their teeth into my exterior
Your tears attack my skin until itís raw and Iím bleeding but I let myself perish
Because for once I remembered what it felt like when you cared
The consistent numbness vanquished with that one spark of nostalgia
Then I felt your eyes constricting my body
Pulling me in with the smell of sweet venom
And I turned to face you one last time
Our eyes slithered together sizing up one another
Then I remembered the open wounds that your poison still encrusted
I had your detrimental doings inside me, but most importantly your neglect took a hold of my judgment
The one thing you did for me was showing me that a cut could be healed
And thatís why I walked away from your intoxication
Your eyes embedded into my scars


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Published: January 2011

Rating: 3.5

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle