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Your lover can't read your mind, let him/her know you are thinking about them and how often, give them that confidence in you and show them that you will always do all in your power to make them happy and be there for them.

Thinking Of You!

© David Yearwood

I'm always thinking of you, thatís nothing new,
I thought of you, just yesterday, the day before that too.
For every day, good or bad, you're always on my mind,
I hope you understand, the way I feel inside.

This isn't just a joke, or a silly lie,
Iíd never do anything, to make you cry.
Iím sorry, have I done anything, you don't really like?
it only returns and make me sad.

I really do love, everything about you,
I hope this relationship, gets really far.
Iíll never leave you, It's not on my mind,
in fact Iím thinking, of you right now.

Youíre everything I need and everything to me,
you're exactly who I want, in every way.
You always make me smile, it's nothing new,
Just remember this, I'm thinking about you!


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Votes: 109

Published: February 2012

Rating: 3.83

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle