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The poem is about a process of a kiss. And falling in love.

I Adore You

© Edward Bonner (Fromen)

Testing the waters before it's too late:
A flutter of an eye, a peck on the cheek, the smell of her skin:
Is an adventure I seek:
After our night:
Alone in bed:
What thoughts may lie ahead?
Smile so bright:
Twinkle in her eyes:
Will she answer my call for a second night?
Greeting at her door:
A kiss on her hand:
Adorable and soft; I see a blush; will she understand?
Dinner date and a movie is a night that I plan:
Hours of talking and laughing;
Time to take her hand:
Walking to the door:
My mind is spinning:
Learning to love:
Is this the beginning?
Palms sweaty, legs like rubber:
I look into her eyes:
Heart pounding like thunder:

Am I the one?
As she turns:
One moment of my life has stopped:
I feel her satin lips: A KISS!
Pure and innocent:
She has taken me to another world:
Unlocked a dream:
Opened my heart and filled my soul:
The greatest mystery has happened to me:
Each step we'll take to another level:
A kiss on her forehead; must be gentle:
I adore you; and comfort you:
Mysterious and sensual, is the look in her eyes:
When she is quiet, tell her she is beautiful:
For not to lie:
Actions are slow and unstoppable:
Nibble on her ear, a kiss on her shoulder.
She can't resist:
She looks away. Pull her close:
Listen to my voice:
How is this going to be?
When I kiss your neck and taste your lips:
Tell me baby!
You're my lover:
You're my partner:
This is our moment;
You can't resist.


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Published: December 2016

Rating: 3.93

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle