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A quick, short poem I put together. It fits into a theme of love/falling in love, a subject in which I am interested in. I have tried to descried the words in how I feel and what it means to me. I hope you like it!

Forever More

© Julia Day

More and more I love you as the days go by,
I''m being 100% truthful and that is not a lie.

You're kind and caring in every single way,
you put the biggest smile on my face everyday.

I love everything about you there is nothing to hate,
if there were point on judging you, you would be miles over the rate.

You have my heart and I have yours,
and I hope that what we have lasts forever more!


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Votes: 19

Published: December 2016

Rating: 4.05

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle