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This is to the girl I love so very much, we had our problems and split up because of me and I did some really messed up things after we broke up so I am trying to tell her in this that I''m sorry and I way another chance I''m planning on getting her a valentines card and writing this poem in it.

One Last Chance

© Thomas

I know we were together for so many years.....I did you so wrong, and brought you so many tears.... If I could take it all back, without a doubt I would....

    Go  back in time, to October 30th  2010.....apologize and tell you I love you, and that It'll never happen again.....but I can't take it back, or change what I did.......all I can ask you, is to please forgive......

     I love you so much, and I made a HUGE mistake......I realize it now, but it already feels too late....time has gone by, and we are seeing other people........but in my heart I know, none of them can equal.....

     My highschool sweetheart, the girl of my dreams......the one I grew up with, and loved through my teens.....we cuddled at night,  and laughed in the I need you, to feel that way.......

     No one can compare, to the love we shared.....we knew each other intimately, we were in each others head..... I've got a lot more to say, so please give me a chance..... Please give me one last shot, at our perfect romance.....?


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Published: August 2013

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We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle