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I wrote this poem when my parents has came to know that I had a boy friend. With all the moves they made just to take us apart though they succeed but still we find time to meet and never give up. They almost forced me to be with someone which I never knew in my whole life. I love my boy friend so much but I don't have a choice. It was against all odds.

If I'm Just Free

© Ladyzucheemhey

The more I am fallen for you
The more I am petrify
As I know and you know
We both made a wrong opt

We should not love each other
Let cease it while from the start
Ours is a forbidden love
Surely dilemmas would crop up

If I am just free to choose
No bounds and fences to care
As how's the birds free
To choose trees to dwell on

Surely, I will choose you
To be with me every seconds
As I know I love you
before I meet you

Word that I'd utter to you alone
Only you, I swear
I'd rather stay numb than
To love someone and not you.


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Published: 4/23/2010

Rating: 3.78

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle