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Canada Love Poem

© Carol Voccia

I met a Canadian man who
In friendship shared
His story of
Love in truest
She was the morning glow
Whos eyes sparkled gem like in brilliant
Birds and wind sang in her spirit hair
Cradling his love in her soul
His heart in her hands

His earth a happy song

And in cruelest shift of unexpected
Handed back in splintered
Hes heart
Bleeding in his hands
His river of tears never stopped
Lapping on edges of rugged rock

The seasons layered themselves in years
He searched falling in beds
And potent parlors
Of she forms looking
Crying in empty arms
And hollow love taking each as steps
To the next

Then he saw her
Profiled in a search looking for
That was lost
A maple leafed citizen living among
Puget Sound Yanks
His Canadian hat was willing to breach the
Bordered line,
Steal her back to their loony home

His heart leaped and ran the mile
Toward her tender kiss
But tales still sad this time around
She could not leave nor wanted to
And in a second she broke him

His soul turning to sand

Through his eyes I read his trust and looked
In pained pitted core
My own life looked as sand in houred glass
Sifting through shards of red
My eyes are yours, I said to him
My love on your side of the waving leaf
Not to me would he venture or
Risk his heart
Me here; him there
And I, too, still look among the
Stones of tearing rivers
My own heart cast on ragged rock

Bleeding still


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We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle