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Written during a time of despair where the only thing needed is forgiveness and to show them how much they are loved and cherished. The poem is about showing that one person how much they mean to you and how sorry you are.

Forgive Me

© Alice Brett

I am sorry for everything I have put you through,
All the pain and hurt I have caused you,
Your love was the best thing I ever had,
I will be forever sad,
Without you in my life,
I don't want to be anyone else's wife,

Please forgive me,
I will always be the best I can be,
Are love is strong,
I will never do you wrong,
All I want is to be with you,
I know I've hurt you,
Please find it in your heart,
To forgive, a smile is a just the start,

I will never find love again,
I will love you till the end,
No matter what, you will always have my heart,
I can't see us break apart,
For our love is pure,
I don't want to shut the door,
I finally found the key,
With you, so please stay
And forgive me


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Votes: 20

Published: December 2016

Rating: 3.8

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle