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I wrote this poem after my first love contacted me after 15 years being apart from each other. We never broke up and we have always had a spiritual connection with each other. My poem is an emotion that describes how I feel now knowing that we will soon be reunited again.

What You Do To Me..

© Jurnice

Do you know what youre doing to me?;
The tone of your voice fills me up with glee;
I hear your giggles and your smiles;
In my heart I hope your not using your wiles;

You dont need to be fancy to bind me to you;
Your mere simplicity has me in a skew;
Cant eat because Im filled with butterflies;
Tingling from my head, back and all between my thighs;

What I would do to be in your arms right now;
Losing my mind but need to keep it together somehow;
Starving to taste, smell, touch, hold and devour all that you have to give;
I am more in love with you now and the past I can relive;

You were, are and always will be the love of my life;
You ask me to be yours but truly I am your wife;
What you do to me is unexplainable but I know its based on love;
Ill pray for all the blessings that will come to us from above;

What you do to me I do to you in return;
Well store our feelings into our own love churn;
And I am sure that forever our love will burn;
What you do to me, you love me without concern;


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Published: November 2010

Rating: 3.79

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle