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Hi everyone, this is a poem written on the basis of our love who is not near us, but yet we can feel his presence everywhere. sometimes in life we feel we are missing someone and there are special ways to enjoy that feeling. some people make themselves busy, some of them write poetry. I am one of them. when we cannot say something we express in terms of words. It is surely going to touch your heart.

Miles Apart

© Meheli

When I look into your eyes, I see the belief you had on me,
When I touched your hand for the first time, I felt the trust you had on me,
When I used to walk with you, I feel my journey to be complete,
When I hug you close to my heart, I can listen to your silence,
When I talk to you, I feel I am free from all bondings,
Nothing to loose, nothing to gain,
Just be in your arms and feel your warmth,
The soft care of your touch,
Make me feel I m the only one in your world,
We are far apart but I can feel your existence everywhere,
Now and then, in the wind, in the trees, in silence, amidst the woods,
And solely in my soul which is lonely without you,
In my mind, my eyes,
Which is always in search of you,
I know I am far away,
But not so far,
that you cannot hold my hand,
in your whispers,
If your eye's are upon the stars,
in the crystalline darkness,
I'll become the moon,
And the light shall guide you,
If you rest upon the ground,
in the warmth,
I'll become the grass,
And embrace you,
If you turn outside,
in the wetness,
I'll become the rain,
If you free in the air,
amidst the sunny day,
I'll become the sun,
And smile for you,
Kiss your forehead,
And tell you,
just sense me and I'll be there,
I know I need you and I'm missing you,
but I want you my love to be with you,
Only with you,
Forever and ever after.


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Published: 2/10/2011

Rating: 3.62

We two form a multitude

- Ovid

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

- Aristotle